Salma Hayek Makes New Year Resolutions In Bikini

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In 2020, Salma Hayek titillated us with bikini pictures showing off her Quarantine gains in all the right places. While the Eternals actress took a break (sort of) last year, she’s started 2022 with a bang. Hayek opened the New Year with a sexy black one-piece bathing suit reminding us (in case we forgot) that she runs the bikini snaps show.

Let’s take a look at some of the jaw-dropping Instagram posts of the year so far.

Happy New Year

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Salma Hayek posted a picture of herself in a picturesque lake wearing a black skintight maillot. She stands in the shallow water while supporting her weight on one of the two giant rocks flanking her body. Although the camera captures her at a distance, Hayek’s smiling face and busty cleavage are clear.

Despite the blurry resolution of the second post, you can’t miss Hayek’s thick natural curls and smooth bareback peeking from the low-cut halter neck maillot. She wraps her lower body in a burgundy scarf as she makes her way into the lake.

Animal Print Beauty

Salma looks every bit the boss chick she portrayed in Like a Boss wearing this leopard print maillot. The neckline is plunged to her upper belly showing off her bosoms as she indulges in a cup of morning coffee. She sits pretty with her left leg crossed above the right as she looks forward to the new year.

“First #Coffee of the first #Monday of the first month of a brand new year.” she wrote. Salma also captioned her other pictures, “ready for new adventures,” and “May this new year bring you the awareness of your own strength. Happy, healthy 2022.” Clearly, Salma is ready for the New Year.

A Lesson On Pain And Pleasure

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“The pain and pleasure of cold water,” Salma wrote as she dipped in the ocean wearing a cobalt two-piece bikini.

The camera zooms in on her shocked face capturing the moment the cold water dripped from her hair to her body. She also pictures herself sitting against a big rock in the ocean to make more New Year resolutions.

“If you forgot to make your new year’s resolutions, it’s still January. I made mine, but I’m adding to the list,” she wrote, encouraging fans to challenge themselves.

Swimming With The Fishes

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Salma took a detour into the deep wearing a customized scuba outfit. The black jumpsuit had a branded “S” for Salma on the left chest, and the House of Gucci actress took her sweet time zipping up to tease her cleavage peaking from a plum bikini top.