Is Kaley Cuoco William Shatner’s Secret Daughter?

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Sarah Haider

American actress Kaley Cuoco is popular across the globe for many reasons. She is best known for playing the role of Penny in the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory.

Before that, the 26-year-old star was also part of the final season of the television series Charmed.

According to Deadline, aside from her acting gigs, she has also served as the executive producer of The Flight Attendant which is aired on HBO Max.

That’s not all, but owing to her performance and acting skills, Cuoco also won several accolades including a Satellite Award, a Critics' Choice Award, and two People's Choice Awards.

However, it’s not just her acting career that has been keeping her in the headlines. Kaley Cuoco is also rumored to be the secret daughter of Canadian actor, William Shatner.

Read more to find out whether it’s true or not.

Priceline Advertisement Series

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It all started with Kaley Cuoco and William Shatner, 90, starring together in the advertisement series for Priceline. In the ads, Cuoco plays Shatner’s daughter.

According to DKoding, in the first ad of the series, Shatner could be seen driving his young daughter to the mountains where a monk could be seen waiting for them. He leaves the daughter there and drives away, only to return after 20 years. There, he sees a grown-up woman (Cuoco ) waiting for her father’s arrival.

Upon being asked about her experience of living with monks, Cuoco tells her father that she learned the art of deal-making and how Priceline has better deals than ever before.

In the second ad of the series, Cuoco and her male friend could be seen in a hotel room, booked via the Priceline website when her “Daddy” appears on the window of the room. Unimpressed with the male friend, he throws him out of the window. The ad was banned for its disturbing ending.

According to iSpot TV the on-screen father-daughter do has returned with a third ad too in which KC could be seen having her first negotiation.

Are Kaley Cuoco And William Shatner Biologically Related?

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Despite fans of both the actors desperately trying to establish a real-life link between them, Kaley Cuoco is not William Shatner’s biological daughter.

During a chat with USA TODAY's Bryan Alexander about Star Trek, the actor opened up about rumours related to KC being his daughter.

The 90-year-old actor first jokingly said that Cuoco is his daughter but later denied it.

“They [the fans] plucked a hair from her body, did a DNA test, and it didn’t turn out,” he facetiously said.

“No, Kaley Cuoco is not my daughter.”

Who Are Shatner’s Daughters?

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According to The Sun, while Cuoco is not Shatner's daughter, he has three real-life daughters who he had with his first wife, Gloria Rand.

Per the piece, Leslie Shatner is his oldest daughter, who is now 63 years of age and has two children.

His second daughter is Lisabeth Shatner, who aspires to be an actor too.

Both Leslie and Lisabeth have made appearances in Star Trek: The Original Series, the publication said.

Meanwhile, his youngest daughter, Melanie Shatner, is also an actress.

Kaley Cuoco’s Real Family

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According to DKoding, Cuoco is the daughter of Gary Cuoco and Layne Ann, and both of them come from humble backgrounds.

As explained by Geneastar, Gary Cuoco is of Italian descent and he works as a realtor. Meanwhile, her mother, Layne, is of English and German ancestry.

The actress was first married to Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to 2016 and later married a professional equestrian named Karl cook.

According to Page Six, in September last year, the couple filed for a divorce. They do not have any children together.