Chanel West Coast Needs Opinions In Gucci Crop Top

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Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is highlighting her rock-hard abs in a killer Gucci look and she needs opinions. The 33-year-old "No Plans" rapper made plenty of 2021 headlines for slipping into designer clothing, and it looks like she's continuing the high-end streak into 2022. A fresh gallery of photos on Chanel's Instagram now sees her back to asking fans a 1/2/3 question - if you don't live inside the account, Chanel is a regular when it comes to asking fans to pick the fave pic.

Rocking Her Gucci

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Scroll for the photos. West Coast, fresh from ringing in the New Year in a sparkly dress, posted three shots of herself indoors, at the game, and wearing a denim Gucci getup.

The MTV star, all smiles, rocked belted jeans - already going Gucci here - plus a monogrammed and cropped zip jacket from the luxury Italian designer. Also holding a monogrammed purse as she wore hoop earrings, Chanel further donned tan knee-high boots for a matching finish. Swipe for the gallery below, scroll for more.

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Taking to her caption, Chanel wrote: "Yesterday @thecrewleague game 🏀💯 Fave pic 1-3?" Further photos had shown the Ridiculousness star closer up, once again flashing those abs, and flicking her tongue for some attitude in the final shot.

Fans have left the LOL Cartel founder over 35,000 likes in six hours, with plenty of love coming in via fire emoji. "All," one user replied, seemingly unable to pick a favorite from the three. "Allll 3," another said. More photos below.

2021 Achievements

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2020 marked the release of Chanel's America's Sweetheart album, and it looks like fans have been listening to the rapper's beats. Shortly before the New Year, Chanel took to Instagram, telling her 3.6 million followers:

"NO LABEL, NO big marketing schemes, NO support from the blogs, NO investor, NO man helping with sh-t, etc. THANK YOU to all my FANS for streaming my music and helping me spread the word! I will not stop til these numbers are in the billions. I do this for YOU!"

3.8 Million Streams

Sharing her Spotify stats, which included 3.8 million streams and 1 million listeners, the "Alcoholic" hitmaker added: "I want my fans to look like the smart, ahead of the wave, great taste having humans they are. That’s why I’ll never give up!" Chanel concluded:

"We on this journey together and I love every single one of you who supports me more than words can describe! Thank you and I’ll never give up on music swear to God."

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