Chanel West Coast Celebrates Snow Day In Latex Pants


Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is killing it in statement latex pants and injecting major Prada vibes while enjoying her snow day. The 33-year-old "Alcoholic" rapper might spend most of her time worshipping the sun following her 2021 move to Miami, but she was bundled up the freezing snow in a recent Instagram share - and stylishly so.

Posting for her 3.6 million Instagram followers and just after Christmas, Chanel dropped fresh snow shots, also sharing her hot pink and black getup. Check it out below.

'Snow Day'

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They showed Chanel out amid trees and a snowy cabin while posing crouched down and showing off shiny black latex pants, a bright pink puffer jacket, plus a chic and logo-embossed Prada scarf. Also sporting pink-tinted and ski-style shades, the MTV star threw out hip-hop vibes via a hand gesture, also flaunting chunky black boots and a claw-like manicure.

Chanel reappeared with a swipe right - here, she held the cutest little dog, with subsequent photos showing more of the snow. Swipe for the gallery below, scroll for more.

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Chanel asked fans: "Fave 1-5?" as she threw in snowflake and a snowman emoji, with fans leaving over 37,000 likes. "Where the invite damn lol" was one of the leading comments. Chanel is known for glamming up her winter travels, last year hitting up celeb-adored Aspen, Colorado and showing off her rather graphic Dior bag. The designer lover has also been making headlines galore for her carousel of high-end looks lately, not limited to Versace and Moschino.

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Likes To Be Glamorous

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In case it isn't massively obvious, Chanel digs her glam. The former Fantasy Factory face told Fashionista:

"My day-to-day style is a little bit more casual, but whenever I’m on the red carpet or doing photo shoots, or music videos, I like to be a lot more glamorous. I like to mix up cheap and vintage stuff with high-end stuff, like today I’m wearing a Forever 21 shirt with Giuseppe sneakers." That was a while back, though, before the 'Gram was all designer monograms.

Loves The 'Dope' Brands

Chanel's middle name is, of course, a designer brand. She's even named an entire track after deceased Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld - hint, it's called "Karl."

"I love Giuseppe, Jimmy Choo; I love Chanel obviously; I love Balmain, Givenchy, all of the dope brands," she added. Chanel also runs her own LOL Cartel merch and clothing line. The rapper has since updated her Insta for New Year's in a stunning and glittery silver dress, writing that she had a "chill NYE." Check out her Insta for more.