Salma Hayek Impresses With Wet Swimsuit Snap


Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek in a dripping-wet swimsuit never goes down badly on Instagram. The 55-year-old Hollywood actress continues to make headlines for out-doing stars half her age on the looks front - even when it comes to the similar age bracket, the MCU star is winning, with TMZ recently reporting Twitter as voting Salma "hotter" than singer Jennifer Lopez.

The Eternals actress' latest bathing suit snap came with her in a Gucci swimsuit and from a pool, but there's an older photo still gaining likes.

Stuns In Wet Swimsuit Photo

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Scroll for the photo, one shared with the Mexican's 19.6 million followers. Salma, who has said she finds posting swimsuit photos "liberating," was definitely looking liberated. The brunette had uploaded the snap earlier this year - it showed her with closed eyes, seemingly at peace, and in a plunging and soaking-wet red swimsuit with a classic one-piece finish.

Salma was near-hugging her knees to her chest, also showcasing wet hair and with water droplets all over her skin. More photos after the snap.

See Her Gucci Swimsuit Below

The House of Gucci star made February headlines for opening up on her famous bikini snaps, this as she kicked off 2021 with a massive carousel of swimsuit photos.

"I had to lose a lot of weight and exercise to get into the bikini towards the end of last year," Hayek revealed, adding: "I'm glad I took a lot of pictures, I have no shame on it, because it was the first week of the vacation." Skip the jump for more.

She Ain't Stopping!

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The mom of one continued: "But after that first week and when I heard that everybody was going back into quarantine, I started eating again."

Hayek further reminded fans that she won't be stopping on the bathing suit action. The Frida star pointed out: "I'm not in the same condition today and I'm spreading the love out like every two weeks. I'm going to put up another one. I’m almost running out of them but I don't know if you have that feeling, like, 2021!"

All Eyes On Hayek

Late 2021 sees more of a focus than ever on Salma, with the release of both House of Gucci, co-starring singer Lady Gaga and The Eternals, co-starring Angelina Jolie. This year has also brought Salma in chart-topping movie The Hitman's Bodyguard's Wife, with the latest seeing the star inking a long-term deal to continue starring in Marvel movies.

Elsewhere, Salma has made headlines for more public appearances with 14-year-old daughter Valentina, who tends to stay out of the spotlight, only occasionally appearing on Hayek's social media.