Kendall Jenner Breaks The Internet With Her Perfect Body

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Supermodel Kendall Jenner takes no prisoners when flaunting her perfect body. The 26-year-old always drops jaws and turns heads wherever she appears, be it a red carpet or a magazine cover. This year wasn't any different for the reality TV star as she delivered killer outfits again.

However, one of our favorite genres is KJ in bikini because she always "eats and leaves no crumbs." Here's a list of the times Kendall left us speechless wearing swimwear in 2021.

Throwback Nostalgia

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The USA-born model posted a throwback of her Pamela Anderson's Barb Wire costume reminiscent of a dominatrix during Halloween month. The Instagram post showed the older Jenner's back form giving her 206 Instagram followers a view of her round bum. You can tell she doesn't miss leg and butt days at the gym with the way her backside sits in her fishnets.

She clads her upper body in a black leather corset snatching her already slim waist tight. A black elbow long glove dons her right hand (left from behind) while she holds a black sunshade in her left hand (right from behind.) Her 1.79cm frame stands tall in black knee-high boots.

Nudes Please

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Even when she's keeping it simple, Kendall manages to stun her admirers. The supermodel flaunts her defined abs in a flimsy nude two-piece bikini. Her smooth skin glows in the sun as she poses on a white lounge chair. Kendall ties her hair back with a clear clip while protecting her eyes from the harsh sun rays. The three pictures in the slide show different angles of the 26-year-old's curves, and over 10 million followers approve, including us.

Skims Campaign

Kendall's slender frame steals the spotlight at April's SKIMS campaign. The Victoria Secret model joins her sisters to promote the Valentine's Collection of older sister Kim Kardashian's loungewear brand. The high-waist red pant flaunts her long-toned legs and curvy hips. She starts the photoshoot squatting on a giant pink round platform wearing a transparent stiletto and flaunting her long black hair. Then she rises into her full 5 ft 10 form raising one thin pant strap while extending her well-rounded bottom. This picture is the epitome of valentine – flirty and sensual.

Cowboy Fantasy

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Kendall gave us poolside beauty in January as she snapped herself lying on a yellow pool lounge. The reality TV star shows off her toned abs from a bird's eye view while covering her face with a wide-brimmed hat. The burnt orange cowboy hat complements her sunset-toned background. KJ subtly advertises her tequila drink 818, as she sips from a glass while the bottle sits on a nearby table. Her mirror selfie gives us a close view of her silky-smooth skin.