Chanel West Coast Announces New Brand With Corset Tongue Flick

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Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is expanding her empire with a new brand, one getting announced on social media and now complete with its own Instagram handle. The 33-year-old MTV face and rapper might already have enjoyed success with her LOL Cartel merch line, but the "No Plans" rapper this month proved she's got big plans - and it involves a little weed.

Chanel has now joined the likes of actress Bella Thorne in launching a marijuana brand. Coasty just dropped, and it came with Chanel on IG for the promo.

Dropping Her New Brand

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Scroll for the photos. West Coast's Coasty brand only boasts 136 followers on Instagram, but this girl knows growth hacking. The Ridiculousness star drove her fans to the new IG, posting a video of a merch top from Coasty and writing: "Follow @coastyog 😜🀘🏼🌴."

Over on Coasty's social, the cute palm tree-logo'd product appears in three images, with one also showing the brand's founder - here, Chanel was seen holding her product while in a satin and strapless pink corset and cute matching jacket. She even included a fun tongue flick.

See Her Photo Below

There's no website yet - nor much of a product description - but Chanel has opened up plenty on her dealings with marijuana. Per Nicki Swift:

"West Coast claims that her mom "grew marijuana at one point to pay the bills." It's unclear whether or not West Coast was aware of her mother's illegal activities at the time, however, the star also revealed that she "started ... smoking weed at age 11."

Chanel is also a regular with the doobies on Instagram.

Addiction Awareness

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2020 marked Chanel losing a close friend to addiction, and the rapper took things seriously as she wrote:

"I will do all I can to make sure to fight against addiction issues and I will try to help as many people as I can get off drugs because I should've done that for you. I should've went to rehab with you and quit smoking weed and did whatever it takes to get you on track."

West Coast has herself made headlines for long periods without alcohol.

Celebrity Brand Era Alive And Well

Whether moguls - such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna - or relative newbs (including Savannah Chrisley and Kristin Cavallari), celebrities are launching brands left, right, and center. "Peaches" singer Justin Bieber runs his popular Drew House clothing line, rapper Chris Brown also has one, and supermodel Kendall Jenner this year dropped her 818 tequila brand.

Also running their own show are Rare Beauty founder Selena Gomez, Haus Laboratories CEO Lady Gaga, plus Re-Spin founder Halle Berry. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively even released her drinks line this fall.