The Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson Relationship Drama: What Their Zodiac Signs Say

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s rocky relationship is in the news yet again thanks to a paternity scandal. The 30-year-old NBA player is being sued by Texas native and personal trainer Maralee Nichols for child support and “pregnancy-related fees.” She's claiming he is the father of her baby born on December 1.

Court documents say that Thompson and Nichols met “in late November 2020/early December 2020” and “had sexual relations in March of 2021 and at no other time in 2021.” The Sacramento Kings player was still dating Kardashian at that time.

Casual Hookup

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Thompson is denying he’s the father of Nichols’ baby or that they had a “serious, ongoing relationship” but admitted having casual sexual relations with her and arranging hookups via Snapchat.

“We never had any telephone calls, emails, nor did we exchange text messages. We only communicated via the Snapchat application,” the basketball star said in his court filing, noting that the app automatically deletes messages after they’re viewed. He added, “My username on Snapchat has always been ‘blkjesus00.’ We used Snapchat to communicate to protect our privacy.”

String Of Scandals

This scandal is just the latest in a string of cheating incidents Kardashian, 37, has had to endure from her baller boyfriend. Back in 2018, Thompson was caught canoodling with another woman while the KUWTK reality star was pregnant with their child True. Then there was that kissing incident between Thompson and Jordyn Woods in 2019, which led to his breakup from Kardashian as well as the end of Woods’ friendship with Kylie Jenner.

Early this year, while he and Kardashian were dating again, he cheated once more with model Sydney Chase. And this is by no means a complete account of his “rich” dating profile.

Are They Really Compatible?

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All this serial cheating, breaking up and getting back together is no doubt making people wonder if Thompson and Kardashian are really compatible. Or if their horoscope signs could have predicted the tumultuous nature of their relationship.

In terms of zodiac symbols, the Good American mogul is a Cancer Wood Rat because she was born on June 27, 1984. Her athlete boyfriend, meanwhile, is a Pisces Metal Goat because he was born on March 13, 1991. What does that mean when it comes to their relationship? Read on.

What Their Signs Say

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According to this Sun article, the Cancer Wood Rat is “ambitious, insecure” and “needs a soulmate who understands her and reassures her every time she has a ‘doubting’ moment - every minute of every day, effectively.” Meanwhile, the Pisces Metal Goat is “concerned with freedom and independence.” That means when Thompson “is feeling stuck or restricted,” he’ll want to “’escape’ from a situation as they wish to live life in their own terms…These two signs are great at working together but their love life may take a few hits, causing strains and bad blood between them. It is best that they remain friends and keep the peace rather than involve themselves in an amorous fling.”