NBA Rumors: Lakers, Knicks, Trail Blazers & Four Other Teams Interested In Trading For Ben Simmons

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As the 2021-22 NBA season goes deeper, rumors surrounding Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons continue to heat up. Though they made efforts to fix their relationship with him earlier this season, most people believe that Simmons' departure from the Sixers is inevitable. While he's dealing with his mental issues, the Sixers are active on the market, finding a team that is willing to absorb his massive salary.

Despite his shooting woes, Simmons is still receiving strong interest from aspiring contenders that need additional star power and rebuilding teams that want to speed up their timeline.

Updates On Ben Simmons Trade Rumors

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In a recent article, Shams Charania of The Athletic provided a huge update on the trade rumors surrounding Simmons and his future with the Sixers. As of now, Charania revealed that at least seven NBA teams have expressed interest in trading for the former No. 1 pick.

"The New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers are among the teams interested in Simmons, sources said, although it’s unclear how much traction Philadelphia truly has on any move," Charania wrote, as quoted by NBC Sports.

Ben Simmons To LA Lakers

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Simmons' camp would definitely love the idea of a potential Sixers-Lakers blockbuster. The Lakers are the team where two of Rich Paul's biggest clients, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, currently play. Playing alongside James and Davis wouldn't only provide Simmons with two great mentors, but it would also give him a realistic chance of reaching the NBA Finals and winning the 2022 NBA championship title.

In the potential deal that would send Simmons to Los Angeles, the Lakers would likely need to part ways with Russell Westbrook.

Joining Average Playoff Contenders

Though they aren't as good as the Lakers, taking his talent to the Knicks or the Trail Blazers would give Simmons the opportunity to play in the playoffs this season. Between the two teams, the Trail Blazers have a more realistic path to acquire Simmons from the Sixers. With Julius Randle and RJ Barrett likely considered untouchables in trades, it remains unknown if the Knicks could come up with an offer that can convince the Sixers to make a deal.

Meanwhile, though Damian Lillard is off the table, the Trail Blazers have expressed willingness to offer veteran shooting guard CJ McCollum in exchange for Simmons.

Being Part Of A Rebuild

The Timberwolves, Kings, Pacers, and the Cavaliers won't put Simmons anywhere near to winning his first NBA championship title, but there are also some benefits from leaving the Sixers for one of those young and rebuilding teams. Joining a non-contender would take away the pressure for Simmons to immediately contribute on the court which would give him enough time to regain his confidence and return to his old self.

The Timberwolves, Kings, and the Cavaliers would also be intriguing trade partners for the Sixers. In the potential deal involving Simmons, the Sixers could get young stars such as D'Angelo Russell, De'Aaron Fox, and Collin Sexton.