Chanel West Coast Takes Rolling Loud This Sunday

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Chanel West Coast is getting back on the big stages, starting with Rolling Loud the self-proclaimed "largest hip-hop festival" in America. The three-day event usually features a star-studded lineup performing every half-hour to hour from noon till night. Although it's an all-access event, are VIP perks for 18+ attendants.

Chanel West Coast performs with a list of accomplished and underground artists. This festival is an opportunity to get her music to a larger audience.

Chanel Performs On The PUNX stage

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Chanel promised Salma Slims, Anaya Love Note, and a special guest would join her on stage when the lineup came out in May. The Alcoholic singer posted a flier on her Instagram page, reminding her 3.6 million followers to pull up. "See y'all @rollingloud Sunday 115pm," she says. Chanel's the second performer of the day on the PUNX stage at the Nos Event Center. Fans should expect to hear classic West Coast from her mixtape days like Alcoholic, Nobody, and Been On. She may also preview her new song Time and Space with Ill Nicky.

A Jaw-Dropping Performer

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Earlier this Tuesday, Chanel took to Twitter to warn detractors to stop playing with her. She tweeted, "I think it's funny when people expect me not to be a good performer and then I literally have the whole crowd standing there with jaws dropped in awe."

Well, we hope she lives up to her self-hype this Sunday because (once again) Rolling Loud has a big audience. Chanel's chance to go mainstream again is this festival, so she must deliver a stellar performance.

Time and Space

The Ridiculousness star hasn't released new music since her 2020 surprise album American Sweetheart, but that's about to change. Since yesterday she's been teasing her new collab Time and Space with actor and rapper Ill Nicky.

At first, she was subtle with her promotion urging fans to pre-save the song with an accompanying link on the post. Then she got a little more serious, telling all 3.6 million followers through her Insta story that she'll keep posting the link until everyone pre-saves. You can't be mad at self-promo.

Doing It For Herself (And Fans)

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There was a break in transmission when Chanel inserted a Celine Dion reel between the promotion links. In the short video, Dion says she has no man, or lady, or anybody, so she's working towards success for herself. Because when I feel good, the people that come and have breakfast with me, I don't care what they think. I feel good!"

Chanel posted something similar in her Spotify wrapped appreciation post when she said she had no support from the industry or any man, so she does everything for her die-hard fans who ride for her always.