Kaia Gerber Shares Beauty Tips She Learned From Mom Cindy Crawford

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Kaia Gerber is dishing on her well-kept beauty secrets, and it's all top-notch advice that she picked up from her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford.

The Vogue cover star revealed her daily skincare and makeup routine in a video for the magazine earlier in May, months before her 20th birthday. In the clip, given below, Kaia walked viewers through her everyday look, sharing beauty tips she got from her mom.

"My mom has always taken such good care of her skin, so I kind of picked up things from her," she said. "She's always been very conscious of what she's putting on her skin."

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Acne Woes

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The catwalk queen, Instagram sensation, and BFF of "World's Most Beautiful Girl" Thylane Blondeau has battled the same skincare woes as any regular person before devising her "updated" skincare regimen that she kindly shared with Vogue.

Kaia, who revealed she struggled with hormonal acne in the past, something that admittedly affected her confidence, now keeps acne at bay with Youth to the People’s Superfood Cleanser -- the first step on her daily beauty routine.

'“Especially because I was working, so not only did I have to go to school with a zit, but I had to go and do shows sometimes with bad skin,” she got candid in the video.

Another product she never goes without is Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliator. "I used to be very into exfoliating and I would scrub my face like crazy. And I have learned now that you can exfoliate gently with toners," she shared.

'Swears By' Niacinamide

Perhaps Kaia's number-one secret to glowing skin is niacinamide serum, which the model "swears by."

"It is one of my favorite ingredients of all time. It has saved my skin," said Kaia, who puts down her flawless complexion to Paula's Choice CLINICAL Niacinamide 20% Treatment.

With sensitive skin that would often breakout during Fashion Month, when she typically wears heavy makeup for shows, Kaia says niacinamide has been a life-saver: “That kind of forced me to have a skincare routine that I could rely on, because a lot of the time you can’t control what’s going on your face.”

Next-up in her beauty arsenal is a good eye repair oil, which she uses to disguise her naturally dark under eyes. Her go-to is Glycelene Eye Repair Oil.

Kaia, who says she learned to take care of her under-eye area because she can't "hide being tired," admits that, for her, skincare is a "form of meditation."

"Like I know I have that 20 minutes in the morning and night that I'm just doing something for myself. So I find that to be very relaxing," she said.

Face Sculpting Tips

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Another way Kaia relaxes is by giving her face a good massage with a couple of skincare tools, such as her crystal rollers that she makes sure are energetically activated before using them to sculpt her face and get the blood flowing in the morning.

“My face wakes up three hours after me," said Kaia, who admitted she’d "have every face massage device if I could.”

A big fan of the gua sha stone, the Calvin Klein face, who's also fronting Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance, follows it up with a second roller that she's let cool in the fridge overnight.

“Probably no one will know that I did this except for me, but those are sometimes the best little practices that we have,” she says, explaining how such practices "are good for your mental health.

Cardinal Rule: Sunscreen

Kaia, who shared her skincare routine was a constant companion that helped her feel "a lot more comfortable and safe" while traveling the world as a top model, said she developed the regimen "because it was something familiar that I would do every night when I got home."

“No matter the day I had, no matter the work that I had, I know that I had this,” she said, noting that her time off during the pandemic helped hone in everything she's learned from her mom and from makeup artists in terms of self-care.

“I’m really appreciative of the year that I’ve had off because I’ve been able to evolve with my skin-care routine and figure out a more updated version,” she explained.

Speaking of her famous mom, Kaia revealed one cardinal point passed down from the Catwalk star: to wear sunscreen "every single day, even when it's cloudy."

"One of the things she taught me is to handle your décolleté. And don't forget about your chest, especially with sunscreen," she said.

After making sure her skin is hydrated with a good moisturizer -- she leans on Young To The People here, as well -- Kaia religiously applies her Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen, following it up with a dab of Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask and a spritz of Caudalie's classic Beauty Elixir.

"Even if you're not outside, it's just as important to wear sunscreen every day," she says. "You don't want to age faster than you need to. Another thing I learned from my mom."

Minimal Makeup

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Kaia's makeup style has evolved a lot over the years, from her blue eyeshadow phase and Green Day-inspired eyeliner in high school to the signature "no-makeup look" she sports nowadays.

“When I was in high school, I used to [pile it on]… It was a fun time to experiment with makeup. Now, because my job involves experimenting with makeup, I tend to tone it down,” says the supermodel.

Her current minimal makeup style revolves around Yves Saint Laurent products, starting with the brand's Touche Éclat foundation and concealer, which she uses to even out her skin tone and add radiance to her complexion.

"I like to use my fingers as my brushes because it warms the product up in your hand, I feel like. And it just ends up blending more naturally," she says.

The model also pays close attention to her eyebrows, meticulously brushing them before moving on to a creamy blush.

“I love blush. I love the TikTok trend of doing blush on your nose to make you look a little sunburnt,” she says, dabbing YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm on her lips, across the apples of her cheeks, up over her cheekbones and down the bridge of her nose, as well as onto the outer corners of her eyelids to give herself a sunburnt tint.

“We’re not getting sunburned because we don’t want wrinkles, so we’re going to fake it,” she said.

Dealing With Under-Eye Bags

Crowned Model of the Year at the 2017 British Fashion Awards, Kaia gets her good looks from her mother -- but the Fair Game star has also passed down one hereditary trait she's not always been fond of: her under-eye bags. Luckily, Kaia knows exactly how to deal with the issue, and that's where her trusted concealer comes in.

"The skin under your eyes is genetic to a certain extent. My mom has eye bags," she says, joking: "So, you know, people would be like, 'oh sweetie you look so tired,' and I'll be like, I was just on vacation."

However, Kaia has "learned to love them," only resorting to a touch of light concealer to subtly minimize the appearance. "I don't like to cover them too much because I do think they're cool. And they give you like a Kurt Cobain vibe. And even if you had like 12 hours of sleep you still look a little bit cool. Like, ‘Who knows what she did last night?'”

Her Signature Makeup Look

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Kaia creates her signature makeup look with YSL's Satin Crush beige eyeshadow, using the brand's mascara, subtle micro-winged eyeliner, and cream highlighter to accentuate her gorgeous facial features.

“I just follow anywhere that the light hits,” she says, applying highlighter to the bridge of her nose, Cupid’s bow, and her brow bone.

Finishing touches include curled eyelashes for an all-natural look and a few strokes of her blush lipstick.

Watch her demonstrate all of her beauty tips for Vogue in the video below.