NBA Rumors: Sixers Want A Young Star In Return For Ben Simmons

Ernesto Cova

Ben Simmons' saga has been the story in the NBA since before the start of the season.

The former first-overall pick doesn't want to play for the Philadelphia 76ers anymore. He feels like Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid threw him under the bus after losing to the Hawks in the playoffs and now claims that he's not mentally ready to be back on the court.

That, plus the Sixers' reluctance to take a penny on the dollar for him, has only complicated the situation.

Sixers And Pistons Discussed A Trade For Simmons

Nonetheless, the Detroit Pistons could emerge as a potential destination for the distrungtled star, per Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Apparently, both teams have engaged in discussions on a potential trade centered in Jerami Grant:

"The team has engaged in ongoing discussions with the Detroit Pistons to acquire Grant, another forward, a young player, and a draft pick in exchange for Simmons, league sources said," Pompey reported. "One source said power forward/center Kelly Olynyk and second-year swingman Saddiq Bey were mentioned as players who could be included in a possible deal."


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Sixers Aren't Interested In Grant

Nonetheless, a report by The Philly Voice states that the Sixers were never interested in trading Simmons for Grant:

"According to sources, those discussions were not just old and presently inactive, they were of little interest to the Sixers," read the report.

It's worth noting that Philly drafted Grant but he never found success with the franchise.

And, albeit he blossomed as a solid defender and somewhat decent scorer, that's still not enough for them to even consider trading Simmons for him.

Daryl Morey Wants Cade Cunningham

Instead, Daryl Morey and the Sixers would only engage in talks with the Pistons if they're willing to include Cade Cunningham, this year's first-overall pick, in any trade package.

"Sources say there's not much of a discussion to be had unless the Pistons unexpectedly decided to throw Cade Cunningham, this year's No. 1 overall pick, into the mix. Even then, the timeline Cunningham is on relative to Joel Embiid would make that a tough proposition for Philly to say yes to." the report added.

Simmons Is Unlikely To Be Traded

That's why it's very unlikely that the Sixers and Simmons find a solution any time soon, if ever.

Morey won't accept less than Simmons' alleged value but in reality, a player who doesn't want to play for his team and that would rather lose money than suiting up has zero trade value.

No one will want to risk giving up a lot of assets on a player with character issues who openly wants to leave town.

Unless the Sixers meet someone in the middle and deal with the fact that they need to move on from Simmons, he's just not going anywhere.