Rebel Wilson Says She's 'Not Perfect' After Her 'Year Of Health'

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Alexandra Lozovschi

After losing nearly 80 pounds in 2020 and managing to maintain it through 2021, Rebel Wilson is taking a good look at her "year of health" and dishing out sage advice for everyone looking to follow her lead.

The 41-year-old Australian actress got candid about her experience in a recent interview with People, noting all of the things she's proud of and opening up about her regrets.

"I'm not perfect," said Rebel, who admitted she still struggles with emotional eating sometimes.

The Pitch Perfect star has documented her weight loss on Instagram ever since she kicked off her journey last January. Scroll for her latest revelations.

What She's 'Sad' About

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She's come very far during her "year of health" but Rebel is still sorry about one thing. Speaking to People about her feelings during her period of transformation in 2020, the Aussie actress disclosed "one of the emotions was that I'm sad I didn't do it before."

"Last year, I lost a lot of weight — close to 80 lbs. — and then I've maintained it for this year. [So] part of me was like, 'Well, damn! If I could have done it before, should I have done it?'" she told the magazine. "And I felt a bit sad about that point."

Rebel spoke honestly about why she waited until her 40s to start her weight loss journey, admitting she was held back by her own lack of faith in herself.

"I thought I was the person that [would] never do it," she said. "Like, yeah, I can lose a few pounds if I try really hard one week and be really strict with myself, but then I'll always gain it back. So I never thought that I could successfully do it."

'Not Perfect'

In her usual candid manner, Rebel didn't hold back about the things she still struggles with. Revealing the difficulties she faced in the beginning as she would shed a few pounds then gain them back, The Isn't It Romantic star touched on the things she still strives to improve.

"I'm not perfect, like, I still emotionally eat at times, there's stressful things that still go on in my life and in my work that can be high pressure," she shared. "...but I'm not perfect. I've [just] learned to manage things."

Prioritizing Health

According to Rebel, it was a keen interest in her health that motivated her transformation.

"Last year, I — for the first time ever — prioritized my health," the How To Be Single star told People, adding: "It's never too late to improve yourself or to improve your health."

While she did confess her regret for not starting sooner, she admitted she "shouldn't feel sad or beat up on myself because of that."

"I should just feel proud of myself for actually doing it," she added.

Rebel also made it clear that her decision to lose weight had nothing to do with her looks, stating that she's "always been a very confident person."

"People are beautiful at any shape or size, and I genuinely believe that. I just got to a point where I knew deep inside that I was engaging in some activities that were unhealthy," she explained.


Rebel detailed some of the things that have gotten easier after her 77-pound weight loss during an appearance on the Australian morning show, Sunrise, last month, which you can watch below.

"After a big, long day at work — we'd often shoot 16-hour days — my feet would get really sore and I'd have to kind of lie upside down and put my feet up on the couch at the end of a big day at work, and now I don't have that kind of thing happening," she said. "I also used to suffer with jetlag and now it's much easier."

Going back to her People interview, Rebel offered words of encouragement to everyone starting their own weight loss journey.

"Know that it is possible and that you can do small things just to make yourself healthier," she said. "It can be scary if you're not healthy. So just get out there, try your best, don't be harsh on yourself and try to be positive."

The Bachelorette star added: "I've been so grateful to make these lasting changes. It just makes me feel overall better and I'm still the exact same person, just a healthier version."