Alexandra Daddario Recreated 'White Lotus' Scene With Sydney Sweeney

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Lindsay Cronin

Alexandra Daddario was recently featured in the debut season of HBO's The White Lotus.

As viewers of the hit series well know, the Mike White-created comedy drama followed a series of people vacationing at a resort in Hawaii and Daddario was one of these people.

On the show, she depicted a character known as Rachel, a journalist and new wife of Jake Lacy's character, Shane Patton.

Daddario was a well-liked cast member of the show and one particular scene has stood out in the minds of fans.

Daddario's Most Memorable Scenes

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In a report shared by Cinema Blend, it was noted that one of Daddario's most memorable scenes aired on The White Lotus earlier this year.

In the scene, as the outlet explained, Daddario was seen spending time at the Hawaii resort before a group of teenagers began making fun of her.

Never one to be outdone, Daddario, or rather her character, Rachel Patton, quickly turned the tables on the young haters and stripped down into a bold white two piece Swimsuit.

Creating A Scene At A Louboutin Dinner

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After stripping down, Daddario's character made her way to some water, where she continued to make it known that she was far from intimidated by the teens.

Fast forward several months and Daddario found herself at an event, where she took the opportunity to recreate the iconic White Lotus scene with her co-star, Sydney Sweeney.

As Cinema Blend shared, Daddario and Sweeney were attending a Louboutin Dinner to celebrate the InStyle Awards when the impromptu recreation of said scene went down and was filmed for Instagram.

'White Lotus' Theme Song Included

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In her Instagram video, Daddario, who was wearing a super-sparkly, long-sleeved minidress, walked over to Sweeney, who was reading a magazine with her feet propped up on a couch, and sat beside her as she awkwardly situated her dress.

Daddario then waved and smiled at her co-star as Sweeney appeared to be completely uninterested in a potential conversation.

Daddario even included the memorable theme song of The White Lotus series in the background of her video as she attempted to get Sweeney's attention.

No Bikini Strip Down

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Daddario did a great job in recreating the infamous scene from The White Lotus, but surely to the dismay of her many admirers on Instagram, she didn't actually strip down to a bikini to show off her figure this time around. Instead, she stayed in her sparkly mini.

In the comments section of Daddario's Instagram post, many of her fans and followers praised her for the recreation while others said they hoped she would return to The White Lotus for season two.