Chanel West Coast Shoots Down Plastic Surgery Rumors With Hilarious Clapback

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Ridiculousness host Chanel West Coast shot down the claims that she owes her curvy figure to plastic surgery. In a recent talk with In Touch, the MTV star laughed off the rumor as one of the craziest she's ever heard about herself.

Joining the publication for a video interview on Monday, November 15, the gorgeous blonde delivered a hilarious clap-back to all the speculation that she went under the knife.

“Every curve on me is from Taco Bell and ice cream,” said the bubbly 33-year-old rapper.

Followed by 3.5 million on Instagram, Chanel also got candid about her insecurities, revealing what she'd like to change about her appearance.

Read all about it below.

Natural Curves

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Commenting on a rumor that she's had a ton of surgical interventions done, Chanel dispelled it as "laughable."

“I saw this thing online about like all my different plastic surgery. I’ve never had plastic surgery," the Fantasy Factory alum told In Touch.

Known for always speaking her truth, the "Bass In The Trunk" singer had no problem sharing that she resorted to a couple of minor cosmetic procedures.

"I’ve got like a little bit of Botox in my forehead and a little filler in my cheekbones. That’s the extent of [airquotes] plastic surgery,” she said.

Her Beauty Secret

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While some fans have pointed out that her looks have changed, Chanel revealed that the secret to her transformation is actually a lot simpler. According to the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, it all boils down to makeup, a skill which she's honed over the years.

“I just got better at my makeup. I was like, that’s it? You know? So, that’s the main one,” she said.

The rapper also detailed what she does to maintain her figure, saying she works out regularly.

"I just try to work out as much as I can, stay active as much as I can," Chanel shared her fitness tips, noting she relies on dancing, yoga, and hiking to stay fit.

Enjoying Herself

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While Chanel confessed she doesn't deny herself her favorite foods -- specifically, hamburgers and ice cream -- she said the trick is to exercise, even if it's just going for a walk to burn off the calories.

"I wanna enjoy myself, you know? And the only way to enjoy yourself is to try to stay as active as you can," she said, adding: "Like, even when I'm hungover in Miami, I'm like 'let's go jetskiing.' Jetskiing is a fun workout."

Her Insecurities

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Chanel pointed out that she's not against plastic surgery and has no prejudice against women who turn to a specialist to boost their self-esteem.

“I think that if it’s going to make somebody feel more confident in their skin, then I’m all for it,” she explained.

The actress and musician spoke candidly about her own insecurities as well, revealing the two things she's most self-conscious about in her looks.

"I just went to a plastic surgeon yesterday to see about getting like this little fat sucked out of my chin," she said, "because when I turn I get this double chin vibe and it makes me insecure. I hate it."

She continued: "I wanna get that fixed, that's gonna be my main go-to thing."

Another thing Chanel is considering doing is an eyebrow lift.

"I hate my small eyelids," she told In Touch. "I have never wore [sic] eyeliner on the top of my eyelid because I can't."

Other Rumors

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Chanel also addressed another rumor that's been circling about her romantic life.

“I think people think I’ve hooked up with like, I don’t know, like certain rappers or whatever. And I’m like, I haven’t, but that’s just kind of something that comes with being in the music industry,” said the Los Angeles native.

Confirming that she's still single, Chanel added: “People love to assume who you hooked up with. And I’m like, I’m practically a nun over here.”