Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Invisible Baby Bump In Leggy Snaps


Rebecca Cukier

Jamie Lynn Spears is all legs and a hidden baby bump in new Instagram photos showing her in the early stages of her second pregnancy - daughter Ivey is now 3 years old. The 30-year-old actress, singer, and sister to pop princess Britney Spears is fresh from an update taking fans back a few years, with the photos also marking a major achievement during her pop career.

Jamie Lynn, who has been making headlines amid Britney's legal battles, continues to have comments disabled on Instagram. See her photos below.

Pregnant, But Nobody Knew


Scroll for the photos. Jamie Lynn made headlines earlier this summer for saying she and daughters Maddie and Ivey had been receiving death threats as she supported Britney - that marked the Sweet Magnolias star turning more cautious and largely concealing the faces of her children in Instagram updates.

The snaps showed JLS stunning in a little black dress, cute pink satin jacket, and strappy high heels as she posed all smiles and with an award. Turns out, there was more to the photos.

Scroll For The Snaps

The mom of two explained what was going on in a caption, one confirming the shots were taken before her second baby bump was showing. Addressing her 2.2 million followers, the Zoey 101 alum wrote:

"#FBF to me and my co-writer’s celebrating our song #IGOTTHEBOY going PLATINUM, just missing Jana🖤 (I was pregnant with Ivey here, but no one knew yet)." Jamie Lynn had made headlines for her first pregnancy being a teen one. Scroll for more photos after the post, where you can swipe.

Sharing Snaps Of Ivey


Ivey was welcomed in 2018 and with JLS' husband Jamie Watson. A recent post sees Jamie Lynn showing how Ivey is growing up, although it was a rear-view shot as the blonde shared an image of Ivey walking away from the camera and wearing a cute backpack with her name on it.

"I hope she learns as many new things as she possibly can about this beautiful world, but above all, I pray she always remains as kind as she is today, no matter what the world throws at her," Spears wrote.

Breastfeeding Throwbacks

August 7 marked Jamie Lynn making headlines as she shared tender breastfeeding shots, shortly after Ivey had been born. Saying she was grateful that her body had allowed her to breastfeed, and calling it an amazing "experience," Jamie Lynn told fans:

"We should remember that every woman’s motherhood journey is different, so whether you breastfed or not, the main thing your baby needs is LOVE to thrive, and a happy mom makes for a happy baby." For more from Spears, check out her Instagram.