Demi Rose Showcases 'Purple Laze' In New Instagram Snaps

Gettyimages | John Phillips

Alisan Duran

British internet sensation Demi Rose tantalized her 16.7 million Instagram followers with her most recent share, a double-update in which she showcased her killer figure in a lilac ensemble. She has been sharing plenty of pics on social media, and all got plenty of love from her fans. For her newest upload, the photos were taken indoors inside her new home in Ibiza. As per usual, her online audience went a little crazy for the snaps as they showered her with gushing messages in the comments section. Check out the post below!

Perfect In Every Pose

Demi posed on the bed, sitting on her legs with her thighs parted. In the first photo, she placed her right hand on her knee, and let her other hand rest on the mattress. Her face was directed to the camera, but she looked to the side when the photographer took the shot. In the second snap, the social media star held onto the strap of her undergarment as she looked down on the bed.

Keep Scrolling For The Snaps!

Natural light filled the room, and it was enough for indoor photography.

Demi rocked a lilac brassiere that was adorned with lace, and straps that went over her shoulders. She paired the undergarment with lounge shorts in the same color with white lines and letterings. It had a stretchable waistband with strings to adjust its fit. The length reached her lower thighs, and looked very comfortable as it was made of soft, cotton fabric. Scroll down for the pics.

She Was Bullied

According to the Daily Mail, Demi made an OnlyFans account a couple of weeks ago and uploaded a very "special" picture to the site. The publication also shared details about how she became internet famous. The social media star turned to the internet when she felt her lowest after being bullied.

"I was bullied in school, I wanted to make friends outside of it so I ended up spending a lot of time online," Demi recalled. "I was even interested in virtual reality as a kid, I was always on the computer and then MySpace came around and I found my calling."

Celebrating Herself

When asked about her decision to join the content platform, Demi revealed that she only listened to her fans. "The community of followers I have built up are part of the reason I am where I am today, so connecting to them is important to me," she told the Daily Mail. "It’s an opportunity to celebrate who I am from a whole new aspect, and I can bring my community on the journey with me."

As of this writing, her new post gained over 232,000 likes and about 2,167 comments.