'The Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Shares Exciting Personal News

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Stacy Carey

Chris Harrison has temporarily stepped away from his hosting duties for The Bachelor, but he took to Instagram to share what initially seemed like big personal news. The previously divorced dad of two kids seemed to hint that perhaps he was a married man again.

Harrison took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to share the photo that generated all the buzz. The photo showed him with Lauren Zima, who The Bachelor franchise fans know as a journalist who has been covering the shows for years. They've been dating for quite a while, but it seems they're not tying the knot quite yet.

A Big Tease

Harrison shared a black-and-white photo that showed the couple together. He wore a suit and Zuma wore a gorgeous but fairly simple full-length gown. She had her hair pulled back away from her face and loosely fastened at the nape of her neck. A few loose wisps gently framed her face in the snapshot that Chris shared.

Zuma's gown had a deep V-neckline and was fitted throughout her torso. The full skirt allowed a peek at the sandals she wore on her feet and the skirt even had pockets, which Zuma featured.

A Sweet Kiss


The two stood outdoors and kissed one another as the photograph was taken. They were on a patio of some sort and nobody else was included in the snapshot.

The Bachelor host didn't actually say that he and Zima had just married. His caption was vague enough to leave plenty of people suspecting they'd just gotten married though. Franchise veterans flooded the comments section with congratulatory notes and questions.

Harrison noted there was nobody he'd prefer to celebrate love with than Zima. He added that he'd be her "plus one" anytime that she wanted.

'The Bachelor' Fans And Veterans Go Wild

In just one hour, Harrison's post received well over 1,000 comments and 112,000 likes. 

Jason Tartick teased that he went into "full CSI mode" on the photo to try to determine the meaning behind it. The "OG" lead for The Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, teasingly commented that whether they were married or not, she was "here for it" and noted they were a beautiful pair. 

Although this certainly could have been a wedding photo, the comments section verified otherwise. Much to the disappointment of fans, it seems they were at a wedding, not throwing a wedding.

A Bit Of Clarification

When Tanner Tolbert, who found love on Bachelor in Paradise, questioned whether they'd gotten married, he received a reply with the scoop.

"@tanner.tolbert not! They were at a wedding together a couple weekends ago!! She is wearing her bridesmaid dress!!" the note read.

Zima also commented on the post to do what she could to clarify as well. 

"I love you so much and appreciate all the 'congrats'! This *bridesmaids* dress is really living above its potential," Zima wrote, leaving The Bachelor fans disappointed but perhaps a bit hopeful that nuptials could be on the horizon.