Kate Beckinsale Rocks A White Sports Bra & Snakeskin-Print Pants While Her Kitty Shows Off 'Big Liam Energy'

Treva Bowdoin

Kate Beckinsale looked fit and fabulous while serenading one of her feline friends. The 47-year-old British actress shared a new video on her Instagram account on February 9 that proved that her Persian cat, Clive, is a pretty big Oasis fan. The clip has since been deleted, but it can still be viewed on The Daily Mail website.

Kate was blasting the 1996 Oasis hit "Champagne Supernova" while she and her pet hung out in the kitchen. She sang along with the song, and her kitty companion twitched his tail to the beat. Clive sat on the kitchen counter, where he proudly showed off what Kate referred to as his "big Liam Energy."

The cool cat was clad in a tiny gray sweater and an off-white knit cap that stuck up high on top of his head. Kate's post included a photo of former Oasis member Liam Gallagher wearing a similar outfit, which explained her description of Clive's vibe.

While the kitty looked like a cozy hipster with some really wild facial hair, Kate opted for a sporty chic look. Her ensemble included a tight white sports bra with adjustable straps. She gave her outfit some extra flair by opting to pair the plain top with snakeskin-print athletic leggings. She also wore a cropped gray sweater cardigan, which she left unbuttoned. The right shoulder was pulled down, baring her toned bicep.

Kate completed her ensemble with a pair of black knee-high boots with high heels that elongated her slender legs. The athletic entertainer's look also highlighted her trim waist and flat abs. Her gold-tinged brunette hair was styled in an elegant updo with loads of volume.

The Underworld actress played with her kitty's majestic mane and scratched his chin as she casually rested her hip against the kitchen counter and sang. She eventually leaned forward and placed her elbows on the counter to get closer to the cat, but he remained seated. When she tugged on his hat, he lifted his chin up, making him appear proud and dignified. The clip concluded after he acknowledged Kate with a kingly nod.

Kate's kitties often pop up in her Instagram posts, and her followers are always delighted to watch their antics. She made her other pretty Persian, Willow, the star of another recent video that was a smash hit. In that share, the actress wore another athletic ensemble that showed off her washboard stomach, while Willow rocked a garment that transformed her into a pink puffball. The dynamic duo was jamming out to the Billy Joel classic "Uptown Girl."