'World's Hottest Nurse' Lauren Drain Wears A Teeny Bikini As She Feeds 'Piggies' In The Ocean

Rachel Tsoumbakos

The world's hottest nurse, Lauren Drain, has impressed her dedicated Instagram followers yet again. The update, which went live on Wednesday, January 20, showed the celebrity feeding a couple of wild boars while standing in the ocean.

In the caption, she asked if anyone else would be game to feed the "piggies." However, for many of her supporters, it was more about her teeny bikini and her smoking hot body on display than anything else.

Under a clear blue sky, Lauren stood in the pristine waters of Exuma, Bahamas. She wore a patterned string bikini that showed off her flawless figure. Tying up in a halterneck-style, the triangular cups plunged down low in the front, showing off plenty of her ample cleavage. The briefs sat high on her hips and helped to highlight her flat stomach and toned legs.

As the clip started, Lauren stood side on to the camera and held out some food for the animals. The position showed off her golden tan as well as her chiseled form.

Her golden locks were pulled up on top of her head in a half-ponytail and, as a gentle breeze blew, sections of her hair kicked out around her face.

Lauren's followers were quick to respond after she posted the video. After a single day, the clip had already garnered 15,200 likes and more than 150 comments from her dedicated supporters.

"Adorable and completely cute in that bikini," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"You are Smoking HoTTT!!!!" a fan declared enthusiastically.

"Best view ever bacon and a hot girl," another user joked.

"Love this shot gorgeous," a fourth person wrote, also adding a couple of the fire emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her followers also decided to forgo words entirely and use emoji instead as a way to show exactly how they felt about Lauren's update. The most popular ones used were the fire, heart-eyes, and red heart ones. However, the thumbs up and clapping emoji also got a workout, as did the pig's snout one.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lauren gave a sneak peek of this event when she posted a photo of it to her official social media account. Posted on January 14, the Instagram sensation gave a backside view of her bathing suit as she held some food out for a boar that was standing in front of her. At the time, her admirers were so impressed with the snap that they immediately rushed to the comments section in order to make their thoughts known.