Kim Kardashian Shares 'Craziest' Details Of What Was In Paris Hilton's Louis Vuitton Bag From Early 2000s

Cynthia Cook

Kim Kardashian had a few details to share about her BFF, Paris Hilton, their early 2000s heyday, and those iconic Louis Vuitton metallic purses. In a new video shared with her 13.2 million Instagram followers, Paris revealed a behind-the-scenes tidbit with her bestie as the two debuted new velour pieces from Kim's SKIMS collection, reminiscent of their time together during the aughts.

In the clip, Kim teased her pal by discussing the "craziest" stuff Paris would carry in her purses, including "hundreds of crumpled up dollar bills," pieces of paper and pens, candy wrappers, chapstick, "every kind of beauty product you could imagine," and more.

Kim went on to explain that she was gifted the silver and gold Louis Vuitton purses for Christmas and that she and Paris took them everywhere during their trip to Australia. The reality star also joked about how she would not let Paris put "one thing" in her bag in order to preserve its integrity.

"I made her carry an empty bag all around town because she would have destroyed the bag," Kim said as Paris giggled.

Numerous photos from that trip were shown throughout the upload, many of which showed Paris and Kim wearing stylish beachwear and carrying their iconic purses as fans and photographers trailed behind. Toward the end of the video, Kim recalled another time when the two were in Ibiza, Spain, and Paris pulled a bathing suit, flip flops, and a towel out of her bag as the two ventured from the club to the beach at dawn.

"When you're an heiress money isn't an object & you can do with your purse what you want!" exclaimed one person.

"Loves it," wrote another user, echoing Paris' signature tagline.

"Love you girls," commented an admirer, adding kissing face and heart emoji to their post.

"This is the best story ever lol," joked another follower.

As The Inquisitr reported, Paris and Kim have been catching up on old times lately. They shared another video last month of them spending a "fun day" together, with both dressed in what appeared to be velour looks similar to their shoot for SKIMS.