Dominic West & Wife Catherine FitzGerald Insist Marriage Is 'Strong' After He Was Spotted With Lily James

Cynthia Cook

Dominic West and wife Catherine FitzGerald insisted their marriage was going "strong" on Tuesday, giving a hand-written note to the paparazzi with the declaration and kissing for the cameras outside their family home, Page Six reported.

The public display of husband-and-wife affection comes after numerous photos emerged of West cozying up to his new Pursuit of Love series co-star, Lily James.

As The Inquisitr reported, West, 50, was seen engaging in PDA with James, 31, while in Rome, Italy, as shots were taken of the two roaming around the city and enjoying an intimate lunch. West caressed James' head and face and had his arms around her numerous times as they took in the sights of the city.

The duo was also joined by their mutual manager, Angharad Wood, while on the lunch date. They were seemingly open about their PDA, making it appear like they weren't hiding from the public.

Still, West and wife FitzGerald have apparently taken a stand against the rumors that swirled after the images were released, explaining in the written statement that their relationship was still sturdy. They also wrote that they were "very much still together," signing their signatures at the bottom.

While addressing the paparazzi outside their home and posing for photos, the couple declined to answer any questions regarding the incident with James and let the note do all the talking.

The pair strolled out to the cameras casually, seemingly cool and composed about the situation. As they locked lips, West was notably not wearing his wedding ring while FitzGerald kept her left hand in her pocket. The actor sported a brown coat, white button-down shirt, and dark navy chinos, while his wife looked casual in a blue turtleneck and jeans, with a pair of pink sunglasses positioned on her head.

The couple has been married since 2010 and shares three children together.

Page Six also shared the news to its Instagram feed, as many people responded with thoughts of their own. Most users noted the bizarre nature of the paparazzi shot and message, doubting the legitimacy of the couple's statement.

"Art imitates life.. or vice versa," wrote another person, most likely referring to Dominic's hit Showtime series, The Affair, which focuses on an extramarital affair.

"Guess he is Noah Solloway," a follower shared, referencing West's adulterous character on the show.

"Lies," opined a fourth social media user.