Kourtney Kardashian Enjoys 'Fall In New York' With TikTok Star & New BFF Addison Rae

Cynthia Cook

Kourtney Kardashian enjoyed a trip to New York City with her new best friend, Addison Rae, posting a few fall-themed photos to her Instagram on Monday.

The set, which included nine images, detailed different shots from the East Coast vacation, as the 41-year-old added a few autumnal-themed emoji to her caption to highlight the "fall" getaway.

The first photo featured a scenic shot of New York, with a plethora of buildings, busy streets, and One World Trade Center visible in the far background.

The second image showed Kourtney and the TikTok influencer seated on a front stoop, both drinking what appeared to be iced matcha lattes and posing in a cool, casual manner behind dark sunglasses.

Kourtney wore black from head to toe with a long-sleeved top and tight leggings while Addison sported a brown windbreaker jacket and black bike shorts, topping her look off with a stylish pair of sneakers.

The mother-of-three shared more details of New York in the next three posts, with a video of city life in action, a picturesque view of outdoor dining in the street, and a snap of an old building surrounded by orange and yellow leaves that were strewn about on the ground.

Kourtney gave fans even more fun fall vibes with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and a photo of several pumpkins and what looked like squash outside a building. The doors to the building suggested that Greenwich Village was the locale where Kourtney and Addison were staying in or exploring.

The reality star also shared a close-up image of delicious-looking pasta and a jar of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter, completing the fall-centric Instagram series.

"Vibe queen," one user commented.

"Addi x Kourt," another person gushed.

"[T]his duo is growing on me," a follower wrote.

"[A] beautiful autumn," commented a fan.

The new BFFs took followers by surprise with their newfound friendship. However, posting photos together has recently become commonplace for the unlikely duo. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the pair rocked skimpy swimwear while lounging together in Kourtney's pool, celebrating the end of summer while showing off their stellar physiques.