Ellen DeGeneres & Kevin Hart Spotted Having Lunch Together After He Defended Her Amid Controversy

Madison Lennon

Not everyone believes the recent allegations leveraged against Ellen DeGeneres, and her longtime friend and fellow comedian Kevin Hart has been outspoken in defending the daytime talk show host. Recently, People Magazine reported the two celebrities were spotted catching up over lunch at the Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, California.

"She has treated my family and team with love and respect from day 1. The internet has become a crazy world of negativity... we are falling in love with peoples down fall. It's honestly sad," Hart previously said in defense of DeGeneres.

Photographs showed the duo hanging out and depicted them both wearing casual attire, including tropical-print tops and khaki bottoms. They also played it safe by wearing face masks.

Us Weekly shared additional photos of the meet-up, which showed Hart and DeGeneres sitting down at a table outdoors while drinking wine. In several of the images, they looked to be in serious conversation.

On social media, people have not been thrilled with celebrities coming out to defend DeGeneres, especially because the majority of complaints lodged against her and the workplace culture at The Ellen DeGeneres Show were from former and current staff members.

Many have argued that the actors and actresses who come on the show would not see the dark side of the host or her production team since they were famous and treated better. Critics of the 62-year-old have advised other stars to stay out of the ongoing investigation, adding that their comments make them appear tone-deaf.

In regards to the Jumanji: The Next Level actor, several noted that DeGeneres stood by him when he came under fire for old homophobic comments and stepped down as the host of the 2019 Academy Awards. She accepted his apology as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

"Are we shocked? She gave him a whole 20 minutes to 'apologize' for his homophobic behaviour, and excused all of it. She's not the woman yall think!" tweeted one person.

"Couple of rich idiots who aren't even funny...or nice to others apparently...fake," said another commenter.

"Her being nice to celebrities but not her own workers," wrote a third user.

Some of the star's fans were disappointed to see him continuing to support and hang out with DeGeneres.

Aside from Hart, celebs like Jay Leno, Katy Perry, DJ Stephen "tWitch" Boss, and DeGeneres' wife Portia de Rossi have all voiced their support.

In the 41-year-old actor's original post, he did say that his thoughts were "not meant to disregard the feelings of others and their experiences."