Farrah Abraham Is Daughter's 'Bestie Best Friend' In An Instagram Post That Has Received Harsh Criticism

Jane Lasky

On Sunday, Farrah Abraham hit up Instagram to congratulate her daughter for her new music video for "Bestie Best Friend." The tune's single also dropped on February 23, the day Sophia Abraham entered the world in 2009.

As the short film that was posted on the former Teem Mom OG reality star's social media platform began, the newly-branded 11-year-old and her taller buddy skipped toward the water with their backs to the camera. Sophia held hands with the person who was apparently playing the part of her BFF.

Both featured stars appeared to be age-appropriately dressed -- or so it seemed. When their faces were revealed, so was the identity of Sophia's best friend. That person turned out to be her 28-year-old mother.

The two played together as Sophia sang. They danced around in a circle while pulling each other along with their clasped hands, and they carved hearts and the acronym "BFF" in the sand just before the tide came in to take erase their artwork.

This scene took place in Hawaii at Aulani Resort Beach at Ko Olina Lagoon on Oahu. The tropical outpost was particularly beautiful on the day the video was made, with palm trees slightly swaying in the foreground and in the background as Farrah and Sophia played together. A blue sky was punctuated by low-hanging clouds while a few small boats were moored in the sand next to the inviting water.

"The worst thing you could do is become BFF with your kid's big mistake..... they don't need a friend they need parents," insisted one follower.

"You were absolutely the worst parent put on this planet someone needs to take that child away from you," remarked a second harsh critic.

"Poor Sophia. Let her have some real friends. Be a mom. Not a best friend. This is honestly so sad. She's 11. She should have real friends in her first video. Not her trampy 'mom.' Happy Birthday Sophia girl! Have an amazing day," stated a third Instagram user.

Farrah recently spoke to In Touch Weekly with about her preteen's predisposition for creating all things musical, according to The Inquisitr.

"I'm just so proud that I got to see my daughter grow up so much this year. I'm happy to be able to support her creative singing and dancing endeavors," gushed the proud mom, who has apparently also become Sophia's BFF.