Netflix Grabs Exclusive Rights To Jane The Virgin, Two Other Shows

Tami Benedict

Netflix is at it again, dominating the streaming world and grabbing exclusive rights to three popular shows that grace our television screens. Netflix will be adding the CW's Jane the Virgin, USA's drama, Colony, and CBS' Zoo, to the abundance of shows they already have exclusive rights to.

Netflix acquired these three hit shows just two weeks after they announced the acquisition of exclusive global rights to ABC's hit series, How to Get Away with Murder.

In regards to grabbing the rights to Jane the Virgin and Zoo, Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos said the following.

"Both shows are delightfully entertaining and will find a big audience across the more than 50 countries where Netflix is available."

Some people view Netflix as a major threat, though, to TV ad revenue, afraid that Netflix will eventually take over network television, while others disagree. Jane the Virgin and How to Get Away with Murder are both rated high on the value of binge-watching, which later will drive audience members to continue watching the future seasons of the original network. When Netflix premiered the entire past seasons of Breaking Bad in 2013, the audience more than doubled for the next season on the original network.

Sarandos told The New York Times the following.

"We are a big buyer, and these guys are in the business of making and monetizing content."

Season 2 of Jane the Virgin will premier on October 12 on the CW, and you will continue to follow Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez as she continues with her life after accidentally being artificially inseminated.

Netflix Grabs Exclusive Rights To Jane The Virgin, Two Other Shows

Zoo, which is based off of a novel by James Patterson, aired over the summer and was the most watched scripted television series of the season. It is currently available on Netflix, but only in the United States. Zoo is a series about numerous violent animal attacks against humans that happens throughout the world.

Colony is set in the near future and centers on a family that is struggling to survive and bring liberty back to the people of Los Angeles. The show will be out in 2016, and then be available on Netflix the following year.

Bruce Rosenblum, president of Legendary Television and Digital Media, said the following.

"Netflix is the perfect service to stream 'Colony' after its initial broadcast in all countries outside North America, whether allowing fans to catch up with their favorite show before the new season airs or enticing new fans to the series."

Netflix is also focusing on their global offering, wanting to scoop up the rights to the top programming in both the United States and international outlets. Sarandos said that Netflix has found the taste in television and movies that are similar across the globe, and several common preconceptions.

Do you think Netflix is a friend or foe?

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