Frontier Airlines Offers $1 Flights To Try And Fill Seats

Tami Benedict

Frontier Airlines is trying everything in its power to get you to buy their airline tickets, even if that means Frontier has to sell the ticket at $1. On Wednesday, Frontier Airlines announced their "Fly For Only a Buck" sale, which is a promotion that lets you take flights across several cities for only $1, but not including fees.

Of course, with any great deal there is always a catch. While your airline tickets may only be $1, you still have to pay fees which ups your ticket price to about $15 each way. You also have to pay extra for a carry-in bag, check bag, or if you want to pick your own seat on Frontier Airlines, according to Fox 59.

The cities that are included in Frontier's amazing sale include Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Trenton, and Washington D.C. The deal is only for flights that are within the next two weeks and does not include Labor Day. The other issue is since it is such an unbelievable deal, Frontier's website is taking a lot longer then usual to load, so by the time you actually get to the site, the flight you want might be sold out.

The Frontier Airline deals come in the wake of a fare war with many airline companies who are all competing to fill empty seats.

Airline Weekly's Seth Kaplan told Newsday,

"This is a big break consumers have been waiting for in response to lower fuel prices."

American Airline spokesperson Casey Norton said that airlines constantly look at how they compete against a wide variety of airlines, from low-cost carriers to premium global brands.

If you are in the mood to try and find some low cost airfare, try Frontier or Spirit.

[Image by Michael Francis McElroy/ Getty Images]