Lamar Odom Can't Let Khloe Kardashian Go

Tami Benedict

Its been nearly two years since Lamar Odom and Khloe Karadashian split, and recently, the pair finalized their divorce, making Khole completely free of Lamra Odom. It seems that Lamar is not taking the separation as easily as the Karadashian, and as the Inquisitr previously reported, Lamar ambushed Khloe on the way to the gym and a screaming session followed.

Odom dismissed the ambush as a misunderstanding and insisted that Khloe and himself were soulmates.

According to People, Lamar Odom is having a hard time letting go of Khloe. The couple were married for four years, but were estranged for some time following Odom's drug problems.

In an interview with In Touch Magazine, Lamar explained.

"That woman is my wife without the ring on my finger. Even with her picture being taken with another man, that woman is my wife."

E! News reports that Khloe is having a hard time with the divorce and she was finally able to let it go after two years, and now that the divorce is finalized, Lamar is out to ruin her happiness and make her feel guilty about the divorce. E! News says that Khloe doesn't want to have any communication with Lamar and wants it to go away.

After Lamar ambushed Khloe, reports have been circling that she hired bodyguards to protect her in case Odom decided to strike again. According to a source, Khloe isn't a fan of bodyguards, but is scared about her next run in with Lamar.

"Khloe's not a big fan of having bodyguards with her constantly. It's just not who she is and she thinks it pretentious. But after today's [the ambush] events, she's seriously considering it. She loves Lamar and wants him to be well but she loves herself more and wants to protect herself at all costs. She's really freaked and thinks having some muscle around her for the next weeks will help ease her anxiety."

[Photo by Michael Buckner/ Getty Images]