Taylor Swift Announces Next Single And Fans Go Wild

Tami Benedict

Taylor Swift is about to drop another single from her widely popular 1989 album that will grace our radios and soon another one of Taylor's catchy tunes will be stuck in our heads. Swift took to Twitter last night to share with her 61.6 million followers that her next single will be none other then "Wildest Dreams." This will be the fifth single off of Swift's record-breaking 1989 album.

First there was happiness.

Then you had the fans who just couldn't react calmly to Taylor's announcement.

Swift told NPR last year, "In the past, I've written mostly about heartbreak or pain that was caused by someone else and felt by me. On this album, I'm writing about more complex relationships, where the blame is kind of split 50-50. I'm writing about looking back on a relationship and feeling a sense of pride even though it didn't work out, reminiscing on something that ended but you still feel good about it, falling in love with a city, falling in love with a feeling rather than a person."

Swift continued to say, "And I think there's actually sort of a realism to my new approach to relationships, which is a little more fatalistic than anything I used to think about them. I used to think that, you know, you find The One. It's happily ever after, and it's never a struggle after that. You have a few experiences with love and relationships, and you learn that that's not the case at all. Lots of things are gray areas and complicated situations, and even if you find that right situation relationship-wise, it's always going to be a daily struggle to make it work. So those are different themes that I don't think people have really seen in my lyrics before."

Taylor Swift

Swift then went into details about how "Wildest Dream" fits that role, "If I meet someone who I feel I have a connection with, the first though I have is: "when this ends, I hope it ends well. I hope you remember me well.' Which is not anything close to the way I used to think about relationships. It's that realization that it's the anomaly if something works out, it's not a given."

If "Wildest Dream" is anything like her other singles, then it is sure to be a hit, and her fans will demand the song is played every waking second. No other details have be released about the upcoming single but maybe we will be visited by Swift's amazing squad against; you know, all the cool people we saw in the "Bad Blood" video.

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