Salma Hayek Flaunts Her Curves In A Bikini

Close-up picture of Salma Hayek
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We can't get enough of Salma Hayek's timeless beauty. This time she's doing something completely different from when we saw her putting on a show for her husband while they were on vacation on a yacht. Salma embraced nature in this image, and is it just us, or have you noticed that Salma makes whatever she wears appear amazing? What a superpower!

Salma Lounges In Black Bikini

Salma relaxed in her black bikini, which she teamed with her kaftan, exuding the right beachy-ready vibes. Hayek's poolside photoshoots have a unique chemistry that makes them so pleasant. Hayek is one part bombshell, two parts cheeky, and she knows she looks fantastic. The actress is all about bikini looks; instead, she shows us her true holiday style: no makeup, supportive swimwear, and accessories that complement her style rather than following the latest fads. She knows what works for her at age 55, and her inner confidence speaks loudly.

Makeup-Free Selfies

The House of Gucci star is wearing a woven sunhat, what appears to be a pink bikini top, and some cover-up wrap in the close-up photo. Her hair is somewhat tousled, with natural curls that appear to have been air-dried after a swim. The 55-year-Instagram old's feed makes it appear as if she practically lives in beach costumes, and that portrayal isn't far off. Modeling swimwear gives the House of Gucci star a sense of empowerment.

In February 2021, she told Entertainment Tonight that she found the procedure "liberating." When she goes on vacation, she changes her bikini wardrobe and has fun in front of the camera.

Salma Acknowledges Angelina As 'The Best Director'

Without Blood, a powerful drama about suffering in the aftermath of a conflict, was co-written by the Frida actress and her pal Jolie. In the latest edition of PEOPLE, the Oscar-nominated Frida actress, 55, refers to Jolie, 47, the director of Hayek's next thriller, Without Blood "Probably the best director I've ever worked with. And I worked with some pretty good ones.." Without Blood is based on Alessandro Barrico's 2002 novel of the same name.

Salma's Own Fitness Method

Salma's method of remaining fit and healthy is incredibly understandable, as the actress admits she dislikes working out and dieting. She claims she would prefer to walk her dogs than go to the gym in the morning.

Despite her dislike of working out, she works with her trainer 7 days per week in 30-minute bursts using programs such as HIIT and some strength workouts. She frequently 'resets' with a juice cleanse to be in a calorie deficit and burns fat if her body requires it.