Ana de Armas Poses In A Stunning Swimsuit With A Rear View

Ana de Armas
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Triston Brewer

A new Hollywood starlet has descended upon Hollywood and by this time next year, she will undoubtedly be a household name! Ana de Armas, who hails from Cuba, has become a familiar face in the industry after a slew of appearances in some big-budget movies over the last couple of years, including Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out with Daniel Craig, and The Gray Man.

As her star power continues to grow, the 34-year-old has many interesting facts about her that will intrigue her newest fans. The fact that she is absolutely stunning only adds to the allure! With 7.6 million followers on Instagram, she keeps them coming back for more!

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Ana de Armas Gives Us Hot White Swimsuit Summer!

Ana de Armas is proving that she knows her angles in this gorgeous photo of her in a one-piece white swimsuit that is sizzling! The Cuban beauty, who was a dancer for years while studying as a teenager in her homeland, has a very toned body and her workout routine is giving some serious results. With her normally dark tresses highlighted, this is a look that her fans can truly appreciate!

Ana Got Cast First, Learned English Later

Ana de Armas
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The first two movies that she made in America were in a language she did not even speak yet! Unbeknownst to many people stateside, Ana had to learn her lines phonetically for Knock Knock and Exposed, both of which introduced her to American audiences. These days, she speaks English well, thanks to a personal coach and intensive lessons!

Ana Has ‘Blonde’ Ambition

Ana de Armas
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To prepare for her upcoming role in the sure-to-be Oscar-nominated film, Blonde, de Armas had to dye her hair platinum blonde in order to emulate the main character, the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The resemblance is simply uncanny! To prepare for the role, de Armas had to not only look the part, but she also had to learn how to speak in the bubbly voice that Monroe perfected over the years as one of Hollywood's biggest leading ladies ever. The critics have already weighed in and it looks like a winner!

Ana, Cover Star

Ana de Armas
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With her beauty, it only makes sense that she has already graced the covers of many international magazines, some of which include Porter magazine, Elle, Vogue, and many more! What can already be certain over the next few years is that the covers will be coming in abundance as more fans get to know and love the Cuban beauty.