NBA Rumors: Nets Send Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving To Lakers In Proposed Trade For Anthony Davis

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

It's not a secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to land Kyrie Irving since the offseason began. Nonetheless, their reluctance to trade away two future first-round picks has been a deal-breaker since day one.

LeBron James is reportedly looking forward to a reunion with Kyrie, but Pelinka refuses to meet the Brooklyn Nets' asking price, even if that helps them get Russell Westbrook's contract off their books.

Lakers Should Offer Anthony Davis, Claims Insider

Anthony Davis
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However, we wouldn't rule out a trade just yet. Recently, an NBA insider told Bleacher Report's Eric Pinus that the Lakers could still land Kyrie. Even better, they could also get Kevin Durant.

All they need to do is trade Anthony Davis:

"Kyrie is the move," the insider told Pinus. "They should offer [Anthony] Davis with [Russell] Westbrook. Try and get Kevin Durant. KD for AD and a pick is as close as [the Nets] will get to what they want."

Why Would The Nets Accept This?

Russell Westbrook
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The only way the Nets agree to do this is if Durant threatens to pull off a Ben Simmons and sit out until he's traded. Even there, the Nets could get better offers from the Boston Celtics or even Toronto Raptors.

Landing Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis would still put them in a privileged position to compete in the East, not to mention they'd finally get rid of Kyrie Irving, whom they don't see as a centerpiece of their project.

It's A No-Brainer For The Lakers

LeBron James
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This would be a dream scenario for the Lakers. LeBron would get his wish to play with Kyrie again, meaning he'd be a lock to sign a contract extension.

Also, adding two floor-spacers like Irving and Durant by his side would bring out the best of James' game. There's no way opposing defenses would collapse on the paint to try and contain him with those two sharpshooters lurking around the perimeter.

High-Risk/High-Reward Move

Kyrie Irving
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Of course, these moves would also come with plenty of risk for both teams.

Russell Westbrook's reluctance to adapt for the Nets could hurt their game like it hurt the Lakers. Also, Anthony Davis has failed to stay healthy for the past couple of years.

For the Lakers, adding two volatile and high-maintenance personalities to their locker room could be a ticking time bomb, just like it happened in Brooklyn.

But if both teams are serious about pursuing a championship, then this is a risk they must take.