'A Snake Fell Out Of The Ceiling': Retta Talks Crazy Moments From 'Ugliest House In America'

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Lindsay Cronin

Comedian Retta joined Seth Meyers on his late-night talk show, Late Night With Seth Meyers, days ago. And while chatting with the funnyman, she discussed her hosting duties on HGTV's Ugliest House in America.

Retta Was Not Immediately Thrilled With The Job Opportunity

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After welcoming Retta to the set of his show, Late Night With Seth Meyers, and pointing out that he was happy to have her back in person, Seth Meyers pointed out that the concept for the HGTV reality show was "such a fun idea for a show."

He then wanted to know how Retta felt when approached by the network.

"When they first reached out and asked you to host this show, were you excited about the idea of being the host?" Meyers asked, via a clip shared on YouTube.

"No, no," Retta playfully admitted.

Retta Said She Gets Anxiety About Hosting On 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

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According to Retta, hosting stresses her out.

"I have anxiety about hosting. I'm like, I don't know if I'm giving it my all and HGTV is like a different beast," she stated. "I used to hate hosting comedy shows. I was like, 'It's hard to be a cheerleader all night.' So when they asked me to do this, I was like... And then it's like, you're making fun of people's homes."

Retta Has Had Experiences With Wildlife Amid Filming On The 'Ugliest House In America'

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Throughout her three seasons with the show, Retta said she's encountered wildlife, and insects, more than once.

"Yes... Um, so, first season, this one family was telling me how, they're like, 'Yeah, we were just sitting down watching TV and a snake fell out of the ceiling.' And I was like, 'What?!' And then we go to the living room and something falls from the ceiling and... [I] nearly pass out... [But] it was just a piece of the season."

Then, amid production on season three, Retta encountered another snake story.

"I'm in a house and this family tells me that the daughter and father were bonding on the fact that the daughter likes snakes... [So] I was like, 'So how many snakes do you have?' They were like, 'Twenty six.' I was like, 'What?!' And then he was like, 'You wanna see?' I was like, 'Honey, no. I don't wanna see,'" she revealed.

Retta Didn't Enjoy The Traveling Required Amid Production On 'Ugliest House In America'

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When Meyers then asked Retta, "Has it been fun to be on a road trip for this show?," the comedian had a blunt response.

"Again, no... We check into a hotel at night, we wake up, check out, go to work, shoot all day, drive two to four hours, check in, go to sleep, wake up, it's that," she shared.