Constance Nunes Flaunts Curves In Skimpy Bikini

Constance Nunes
instagram | Instagram/Constance Nunes

Claudine Baugh

Car Master’s very curvy mechanic Constance Nunes ditched her greasy coveralls for some much-needed relaxation in the sun recently. The reality TV star shared photos of her pool day with her 1 million Instagram followers and while stating she was “forever grateful” to her friends for prying her from work, the fans were probably more thankful.

Busy Working These Days

From the looks of it, Nunes has been pretty busy these past few months. This week IG fans saw the celeb pulling down her vintage Mustang, ‘Babystang’ piece by piece for an overdue overhaul. The model-turn-mechanic could be seen ripping off the car’s pink wrapping, then in a follow-up post, getting factory scrap metal to change out the flooring, to later replacing the windshield glass.


On Monday, Constance also shared that she has “another mustang project coming into the #CarsByConstance pony corral 🐎’. It’s no wonder her friends dragged her out of the garage to take a break.

Keep scrolling for the photo.

The Girls Are Out

Constance and her friends headed to Bottaia Winery for a relaxing day at the pool. Gotham Garage’s lone female engine specialist was certainly a sight for sore eyes posing poolside in this skimpy leopard print string bikini top and cowboy hat.


“Wastin' away again in margaritaville🌴🍹,” she wrote in the caption of the post. “Letting my friends force me to take a break from being underneath cars lol…forever grateful for them.”


Thanks to makeup artist Hilary Montez, this flawless yet effortlessly glammed look was captured by LA fashion and beauty photographer Shaun Vadella.

“Sister. You are burning my screen,” commented one mesmerized IG fan on the post. A slew of other followers chimed in with their versions of googly-eyed comments. “Soo Hot😍.. your on Fire!🔥🔥🙃💗,” and “This may be the greatest picture of all time! 🔥🔥🔥,” said a few.


While some simply thanked her friends for a job well done in getting the TV bombshell in a bikini, “Tell them thanks from me too! 🔥🔥😍,” and, “Bless them 😘... and your friends 2.”

See The Full Look


Catch Constance’s full leopard print bikini (above) in this sizzling promotional video by videographer Cole Christopher taken a year ago. Of course with anything this car lover does, a Ford Mustang is always in the mix. “Sometimes my friends ask me to wash their cars for’s not a Ford, but I’ll make an exception just this once 🍒,” she teased on the post to the tune of Warrant’s, Sweet Cherry Pie. “My word what a lucky car!!! 🥵🥵,” commented one fan. Another added, “Can you wash my car?”

Little Vampire Teeth

Nunes also posted another video wearing the sexy bikini number while showing off her little vampire teeth in this post.