Missing Georgia Teen Was Communicating With Strangers Online

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In many ways, Kaylee Jones is a normal teenager living in Georgia. But she is also autistic, which heightens her family's fears as she remains missing weeks after she was last spotted.

Kaylee Jones Has Been Missing For Several Weeks From Her Georgia Home

Kaylee Jones
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Kaylee Jones, 16, was last seen near Whooping Creek Church Road in Carrollton, Georgia, on June 14, according to a release from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. Despite “working diligently around the clock,” investigators say they are not close to finding the teen, who requires medical care.

Police Say Kaylee Has A Medical Condition And Is Without Her Medication

Kaylee Jones
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Police said it remains unknown where she may be headed, unknown clothing, or who she is accompanied by.

"She requires medical care and could possibly be with someone she has met through certain apps online. She has no phone or vehicle with her," police said.

Her mother also thinks she may have a book bag with her that is dark blue with a horse on the front and possibly has the word “Mazi” or “Kaylee” on it and she may be wearing black tennis shoes or converse.

Kaylee's Parents Took Her Phone Away Because She Was Communicating With Strangers Online

Kaylee Jones
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Parents Daniel and Brenda Jones told CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL-TV that they fear their daughter, who is autistic, may have fallen prey to sex traffickers after meeting internet users with ill-intent.

“My wife found she was talking to four or five guys via Snapchat,” said Daniel Jones.

The parents told authorities they took their daughter’s phone away two days before she disappeared. The Jones said Kaylee was susceptible to what they called “online grooming," so they were hyper-vigilant about her online use.

“They prey on these kids, and it’s sickening, but it’s a reality,” Mr. Jones said of online predators, per WGCL. “And all we can do as parents is train our kids.”

Kaylee then started using her laptop to communicate with strangers in chatrooms like Omegle, which is a website that allows users to anonymously send direct messages or video-chat with one another. Her parents said she had given out personal information in the past, including her family's home address.

Kaylee’s parents said they saw their daughter right before bed on June 14 and found her bed empty the next morning.

Police Are Reviewing Her Electronic Devices For Clues On Where She Could Be

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Police believe Kaylee climbed out of her second-story window at their home and apparently left their area without any way to communicate with her family since her phone had been taken away by her parents.

Carroll County officials say investigators are keeping busy by “reviewing data from Kaylee’s electronic devices” and have been “in contact with those she last had contact with on those devices.” They have not said whether they got any useful information from the people who had been in contact with Kaylee on the days leading up to her going missing.

Jones may be going by her birth name, Lillian Paige Temple.

Police Are Seeking The Public's Help In Finding Kaylee As The Clock Ticks On

Kaylee Jones
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Kaylee Jones has brown hair and brown eyes, stands 5'8", and weighs 135 pounds. She was last seen in the area of Whooping Creek Church Road, Carrollton, on June 14, 2022.

“We continue to receive tips and possible sightings, and none of those have been substantiated as of this time,” according to the sheriff’s office. “Please share and help bring Kaylee home; someone has seen her and knows where she is.”

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Kaylee Jones should contact Investigator Kim Biggs if you have any information on her whereabouts at 770-830-5916 or by email at kbiggs@carrollsheriff.com.