The Funniest Videos Of Courteney Cox's Dogs

Closeup of Courteney Cox wearing center-parted updo
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Fatima Araos

Courteney Cox posts some of the most hilarious videos on Instagram, and her dogs are often the stars.

The 58-year-old Friends alum is a fur mom to two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Lily and Bear. And if you’ve ever scrolled through her page, you’d know these three are always having fun in that household!

Last Easter, Cox posted an adorable photo of the two beauties wearing bunny headbands – green for one and pink for the other. And it only gets cuter as you scroll down. See below.

Music Video

In April, the Scream actress showed off some mad directing/editing skills on IG when she uploaded a music video-inspired clip. Captioned “Happy National Siblings Day Bear and Lily!!” it starts with a voiceover saying, “I decided to make my dogs a music video,” and shows Cox crawling on the grass while filming her two dogs.

Next is a series of shots of Lily and Bear running around on the lawn as upbeat music plays in the background. It looks pro enough to be a TV commercial, and we almost expected to see a dog food brand at the end!

'Careful What You Feed Them'

Another funny video uploaded in February has a dog food commercial ring to it as well (but maybe a little on the scary side). Captioned “Careful what you feed them,” it starts with the actress holding Lily and looking around for Bear.

She calls out to him and then there’s a bark from a distance. She sees something off-frame that seems to alarm her, drops Lily, and runs away while exclaiming, “Oh sh*t!” Bear comes chasing her and he’s a giant!

'Gotta Put Me First'

In January, the Shining Vale actress posted yet another hilarious clip which she captioned, “Gotta put me first *no dogs were harmed in the making of this video.”

It shows her lying down on the couch as Lily and Bear sit on top of her. Across them is a big bowl of popcorn. She tries to reach for the snack while repeatedly saying, “I gotta put me first,” more and more frantically. She then tosses the dogs aside, grabs a handful of popcorn, and shoves it in her mouth. LOL.

'Bad Habits'

Then there’s the video Cox posted in January in which she rats on her dog. “We all have bad habits and here are some of Lily’s,” she begins the clip.

What are those habits? Sniffing the trash, drinking out of Cox’s coffee cup, stealing stuff from a bag, and running off with Mom’s socks. Funny dog!