4 Times Danica Patrick Pulled Off Spectacular Handstands In Bikini

Danica Patrick smiles as she poses
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Danica Patrick likes to unwind at the beach or pool while wearing her favorite two-piece bikinis. The health and wellness enthusiast, however, has a distinctive way she prefers to unwind and display her incredibly fit body.

Whereas other women would visit the beach to wander about or relax while soaking up the sun, Danica prefers to make a statement with handstands.

Danica has performed stunning handstands while dazzling in bikinis on numerous occasions. Scroll down to see four times she has done so effortlessly. 

Craving A Handstand

On August 16, 2017, Danica shocked her fans as she took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her performing a handstand on the top of a brick fence.

In the snapshot, the 40-year-old was clad in a two-piece bikini with floral motifs. Along with her handstand, she also displayed her toned legs by spreading them wide in the air.

From Danica's caption, she had clearly missed showing off her favorite skill as she admitted to craving the playful day.

"I have been craving this playful day by the pool!!!!!!" she wrote in the caption.

Racing Down Daytona Beach

Although Danica is a former car racer, she sure has alternative ways to indulge in racing whenever she likes.

In 2018, the beautiful diva shared a video that showed her racing down Daytona beach while performing a mobile handstand. The talented racer donned a blue two-piece floral print bikini that displayed her toned abs and legs as she raced with her hands.

The clip, which Danica captioned, "Racing down Daytona beach," got the attention of her 852,000 Instagram followers, who rained praises on her.

Earth Day Handstand

In 2017, Danica wished her fans Happy Earth Day in a pink and white two-piece floral print bikini while she impressed with a handstand. She also displayed her toned legs and athletic figure as she did.

Danica captioned the adorable photo, "Get out and enjoy our beautiful planet! #happyearthday."

Beach Day, Handstand Day

Danica shows off her incredible handstand skills with every opportunity she gets. In a 2015 post, she shared a video of herself performing a handstand while donned in a blue and orange two-piece bikini. Unfortunately, the health and fitness enthusiast didn't get a chance to enjoy a day at the beach, as she noted in her caption that she had to leave because no dogs were allowed.

She wrote, "Finally made it to the beach! But no dogs were allowed, so we had to leave! What's up with that Daytona beach?!"

Danica always pulls off a spectacular handstand, so her bikini days are never boring. Naturally, this makes her followers eagerly anticipate seeing her in bikini videos or images.