Lucy Liu's Diets Through The Years

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Fatima Araos

At 53, Lucy Liu has never looked fitter. This isn’t surprising since she’s always had a disciplined approach to wellness, mixing workouts with conventional Western medicine, traditional Eastern healing practices like acupuncture and Transcendental Meditation, and healthy eating.

In terms of diets, the Charlie’s Angels actress is open to trying different regimens as long as they are healthy and match her needs. Over the years, she has tested a number of eating plans, including gluten-free, all-organic, vegan, and vegetarian.

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Back in 2014, Liu sat down with Los Angeles Times to talk about her diet and fitness routine. When asked what types of foods she ate or avoided, she replied, “I went gluten-free for a little while.… [Now] for me, it’s about exercise and trying to modulate what I eat. Give yourself treats occasionally, depending on how much you have exercised. If you cut things out of your diet altogether, you will want those foods more and end up binging.”

Cleanses And Supplements

The Elementary star revealed the details of her diet further, saying, “I have done cleanses. Sometimes I’ll juice most of the day and then have one meal. I take a multivitamin and vitamins D and C. I’m so busy that when I don’t take vitamins, I [seem to] come down with a cold faster.”

In the interview, she talked about her fitness routine as well, which included spinning, running, and Pilates. She was into meditation, too, with none other than New Age icon Deepak Chopra as her teacher.


Liu later switched to an all-organic diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and other fresh items. Per PopSugar, a typical breakfast for her would include juice with bananas and berries, or a burrito with spinach, fried egg, and tomatoes. Dinner, meanwhile, would be fish with steamed vegetables or a salad. And for the occasional treat, she would opt for a vegetable pizza or pasta.

The star also drinks plenty of water throughout the day – good for the complexion!


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More recently, the Kill Bill actress has been into plant-based eating. She tried veganism for almost a year then switched to vegetarianism to accommodate her son Rockwell’s food preferences. “I make a lot of things for my son that have cheese and eggs in them, so I eat with him because he loves sharing food,” she explained to Women’s Health.

Liu likes plant-based because of the energy it gives her. Her favorite dish? Savory quinoa porridge and a soup she cooks consisting of red dates, lotus root, and lion’s mane mushrooms.