What Jennifer Aniston Eats To Maintain Her Amazing Physique

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Jennifer Aniston may be the poster girl for fitness and healthy eating but that wasn’t always the case. In an interview with Shape, the 53-year-old Hollywood A-lister recalled a time when she overindulged out of rebellion.

“My mom was a real health fanatic,” she said. And because of that, their regular fare at home was “cardboard-tasting food.”

She continued, “When I moved out, my big rebellion was to stock my fridge with food that had taste — I bought every cereal I'd ever wanted and other crap.” The result? Scroll to find out.

Please keep in mind that every person has different needs and what might be healthy for one, is not always healthy for another. Consult with a nutritionist if you are unsure of what works for you.

Mindful Eating

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Eventually, the Morning Show actress “started to feel like crap. And I looked like crap. I went to a nutritionist and realized that my mom had been doing me a favor. I committed to being mindful of what I put into my body.”

Aniston has kept that commitment for years, and her diet now reads like a who’s who of healthy ingredients. One of her staples is Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides, which she adds to her smoothie or coffee.

Vital Proteins And Other Diet Secrets

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“I love products that show results,” the Friends alum (who also serves as the brand’s Chief Creative Officer) said. “Within two months of using Vital Proteins, I felt such a difference in my workouts and joints, and my nails became rock hard.”

Per CNBC, Aniston also revealed in an interview with RadioTimes.com a few other details of her diet, like drinking celery juice first thing in the morning and doing intermittent fasting. “I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours,” she said.

The Occasional Treat

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While she generally sticks to a nutritious diet, Aniston doesn’t deprive herself.

“Mexican food and a good chopped salad make me happy,” she said. She usually reserves Sunday for a bit of indulgence after doing intermittent fasting the rest of the week.

She Works Out Hard, Too

It’s no secret that the Emmy award-winning actress works out hard, too. She has a fully equipped gym at home, and her fitness routine includes yoga, Pilates, and cardio.

But there’s one exercise she swears by that any of us can copy. She told Shape, “If I have only five minutes, I'll use them to move my body. Jumping rope is a killer workout.”

She added, “When my trainer, Leyon, whom I love more than life, handed me a jump rope for the first time, I said, 'You're out of your mind.' I would dread doing it and would skip instead of jump over the rope. He kept saying, 'No, try to do it correctly.' It was so irritating. But within six months, my jumping became fluid. Now I can just go and go and go.”