HoYeon Jung Stuns In Lacy Silk Dress

HoYeon Jung with red hair walking on the runway.
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Cha Miñoza

HoYeon Jung continues to impress fans in her latest magazine shoot. The 27-year-old Korean superstar is featured in Issue #8 of Netflix Queue, along with Squid Game co-stars Jung-jae Lee and Hae-soo Park.

The power trio swapped their green player tracksuits for runway-ready looks and talked about life after their meteoric rise. Dressed in a lacy silk dress, Jung stole the show with her supermodel looks and charming personality.

HoYeon Jung Wearing A Silk Dress

The 5'9" actress, who had years of modeling experience before her TV debut, was an effortless beauty on camera.

In one of her solo shots, HoYeon wore a lacy silk nightdress paired with brown cowboy boots. The doll-faced model easily made the offbeat ensemble look extra chic, posing with her knees bent and her arms stretched out.

'Squid Game' Power Trio

Jung shared more snaps from the photoshoot on her Instagram account, tagging her handsome co-stars, who have grown close to the breakout star.

"They are like my two dads!" HoYeon said in her interview with Queue.

The pics showcased the trio striking a pose in different outdoor settings while dressed to the nines. The carousel post has over 2 million likes on Instagram and even earned praise from Sophie Turner, a fan of the hit Netflix series.

"Obsessed," Turner wrote in the comments.

Relating To Sae-Byeok

In their cover story, HoYeon shared that she related pretty well to Sae-byeok Kang's character, who had been cursed with a lonely life because of her unfortunate circumstances.

"I was able to draw a pretty clear picture of Sae-byeok almost immediately — I could relate to her because I also spent a long time away from home," the actress said.

"It’s an honor to get so much love and all these awards, and I am grateful for that. But looking ahead to my future, I just want to concentrate on how I can continue acting for a long time,” HoYeon continued, sharing her career plans.

Will HoYeon Jung Be In 'Squid Game' 2?

While it has been confirmed that the hit series has been greenlit for a sequel, it's still too early to tell what will happen next or who will be cast in the upcoming season.

Director Dong-hyuk Hwang, however, has hinted in an interview with Deadline that HoYeon might come back in season two as Sae-byeok's twin sister. While her character was killed off in the first season, HoYeon's unforeseen popularity among viewers may have extended her role, so she can get the redemption she deserves!