Kate Beckinsale Stuns In Sheer Dress

Kate Beckinsale
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Triston Brewer

There are few that have played the fashion game as well as British stunner Kate Beckinsale. As one of the most bankable actresses in Hollywood, she has spent her 20+ years in the industry proving everyone wrong by appearing in comedies, drama, and action films, something that most actors rarely juggle with such gusto. Still in demand after all these years, she has only continued to grow her fame through her social media accounts, where she is known for leaving amazing photos that showcase her life both on-screen and in her personal life. With more than 5.3 million followers on Instagram, Kate Beckinsale has an account that is funny and fierce!

Kate Is A Fashion G.O.A.T.!

In one recent post, Kate glammed up and looked so grand in the process, capturing the attention of the paparazzi in a Zuhair Murad see-through black dress that showed off her toned arms and legs. With her hair pulled back, and subtle diamond earrings, she had heads turning from the moment she entered the room until the moment she left. And that is how you create a scene, folks!

Kate Comes From An Entertainment Family

kate beckinsale
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Kate’s father was none other than British actor Richard Beckinsale, who was the star of Porridge and Rising Damp in the UK during the 70s. She was only 5 years old when he died at the age of 31 from a heart attack, but the resemblance is uncanny, and many of his fans have become hers, and in a touching tribute, she stated:

"Thank you to everyone who has kept him alive in our hearts and on our lips. And love to everyone missing a shining, special person of their own. I wish I was with my mum today."

Kate Initially Was Fearful To Tackle Comedic Roles

kate beckinsale
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With her father Richard so well-known as a comedic actor, Kate has explained over the years that she wanted to avoid the genre altogether for fear of comparisons between her and her father. She said: "Starting out, I was quite defensive of accusations of nepotism. It's a heavy thing for anyone whose parents are actors and in the very beginning, I didn't want to tread on his patch. Having said that, comedy is my number-one favorite thing. I was raised on high-level, amazing comedy my whole life: I spent most of my childhood watching reruns of my dad's shows just to have a link to him."

Kate Has A Sister That Is Also An Actress

kate beckinsale
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Her half-sister Samantha Beckinsale is also a known commodity in the acting realm, featured in the British 90s drama London’s Burning. The two have become close as adults and wish each other only the best. Kate initially was anxious to meet her when she turned 21, stating: "She got in touch and I was a bit nervous about meeting her because I wanted to get on with her. I thought, `What if she's horrible?' Luckily, she was really nice.”