Ruby Rose's Three Mutt-Kateers And Animal Welfare Stance

Ruby Rose in all black smiling on a carpet
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Hollywood celebrities have begun normalizing vouching for animal rights regularly only recently, but there are those who have been backing this lifestyle years before it was cool. One of those stars is Ruby Rose, who on the outside might seem like a tough girl but is really a hearty character on the inside.

The Orange is the new Black actress has three dogs who are fortunate enough to be in the care of the animal welfare enthusiast.


Rose obtained her first dog from a breeder's farm that belonged to a hoarder way back in 2012. The connection between the two is immediately evident as the dog was named Ru, half of Ruby. The strength of their relationship doesn't stop there, Ruby has taken Ru along for multiple shooting projects, even traveling with the canine to the Dominican Republic for her Xander Cage film shoot.

Ru also features in silly photos posted by the dog-mother on Instagram, such as the one above where they both sported a rockstar mohawk.


Chance is Ruby's second rescue, this time from a shelter that had listed the little chihuahua to be euthanized because of medical difficulties. When the news reached the John Wick actress, she was quick to go to extreme lengths to see to it that the dog recovered, paying the vet bills and even fostering Chance for a while as she tried to find him a suitable home.

However, fate had other plans as it turned out Chance immensely rubbed off Ruby and she decided to keep him permanently. The black-coated dog can be seen throughout Ruby's Insta feed.


Charlie is the latest addition to the brood just making his appearance on the actress' feed in 2018 via a hilarious introductory Instagram post.

The spotted chihuahua didn't take long to fit into the family as it was warmly welcomed by his fellow fur balls and Ruby's fans.

Animal Rights Activism And Lifestyle

Ruby rose in red suit
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The fond relationship between the former Batwoman actress and her dogs isn't just for show. The once on-screen hero is an off-screen hero as well, avidly standing up for human and animal rights. She's also gone as far as living a vegan lifestyle, a choice she made when she discovered the atrocious circumstances by which shark fin soup was made.

This faithfulness was recognized by PETA, who dubbed her the "world's sexiest vegan" and were also quick to congratulate her on her collaboration as she became the new face of Urban Decay, a cosmetic company that stands against animal testing in the cosmetic industry.