January Jones Stuns In Sheer Black Dress

Close up of January Jones Smiling
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Mad Men alum January Jones has been a homebody for the better part of this year, but that doesn't stop the 44-year-old from playing dress-up. Last year, she stunned in a lace dress for the pre-Emmy party, although she went in a more daring direction this year.

Jones is the type of person to sit on the floor in her bathroom to read a book in a fancy dress because that's her comfort zone. Her 1.1 million Instagram followers can attest to her "earthy-vibe" and relatable content.

Please keep reading to see some of them.

Playing Dressup At Home

Jones, 44, boasts a slender physique, and she flaunted it in this lacy see-through midi dress. The top had a bustier corset stopping above her mid-riff, while the bottom was a broad biker short exposing her toned long legs and thighs.

She paired her dress with a short black blazer and straightened her blonde bob hair tucking it behind her ears for a formal look. Although the actress didn't wear any jewelry pieces, her bright smile with red lips and painted red nails added flair to her outfit with her black stiletto sandals.

Light Reading In A Fancy Dress

Jones did some light reading on her bathroom tiles, wearing a floral maxi dress with only a gold AP wristwatch as her accessory. It wasn't the first time the actress had done something interesting in her bathroom, and it wouldn't be the last considering her personality.

When she's not taking topless selfies in the bathroom mirror, Jones soaks in a bubble bath and enjoys a glass of wine.

She wrote, "going back and forth between light and dark," referencing her light read - The Vegetarian by Han Kang. The three-part novel expands on the author's 1997 short story "The Fruit of my Woman."

More Bathroom Shenanigans

In one of her bathroom shenanigans, Jones shared a pantless selfie showing her fans the time she was put in time out. She didn't say who did but insisted on the picture as the reason for her "punishment." She wore an orange bodysuit over black underwear and styled her blonde bob with scanty bangs.

Uh Oh! Someone Is In Time Out

Before revealing her pantless selfie, Jones shared pictures of herself sitting on the floor in a corner. The actress wore black jean pants and ballet flats, keeping a clueless expression which she explained was her attempt at looking innocent.