Max Scherzer Isn't Too Worried Despite Injury Scare

Max Scherzer
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Ernesto Cova

When it rains, it pours. Already without aces Jacob deGrom and Taylor Megill, now it seems like the New York Mets will need to get by without Max Scherzer, who pulled himself out of yesterday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

One of MLB's most dominant and experienced hurlers, Scherzer told the Mets' bench that he was done after throwing a slider into the dirt in the sixth inning of the contest:

"Just felt a zing on my left side and just knew I was done," Scherzer told ESPN after the game. "When I felt it, I just knew there's no way you can throw another pitch, so just get out of there."

Mets Won't Take Any Risks

Max Scherzer
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Scherzer has endured huge workloads over the past couple of years, and he's not getting any younger. But, then again, he's often been cautious with his body.

That's why skipper Buck Showalter lauded him for being mature enough to realize he had to leave:

"I don't rush out there, because usually it's not really good news," Showalter said. "He's been a great self-evaluator. He knows when he's at a point where if he pushes more, it's going to turn into something serious. He's not going to put himself in harm's way. A lot of guys might have tried to continue to pitch. I'm hoping we caught whatever's in there at an earlier stage of it."

Mets Are Already Shorthanded

Citi Field
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Mets continue to struggle with injuries, yet they still find ways to win. Despite Mad Max's departure, they still beat the Cardinals 11-4. Hopefully, that win didn't cost them way more down the line:

"I don't think this is a major strain," Scherzer said. "I was kind of tight and then all of a sudden it went. But I don't feel like I really ripped it. It just kind of got worse. So hopefully I got out of there quick enough to prevent a major injury here because I know oblique, intercostal, those things can be nasty. Hopefully I avoided a serious injury." "It's in spasm right now. It doesn't feel real good," Scherzer addded. "But once you get the spasm subside, what's the actual extent of this injury? We don't know. So we'll know tomorrow."

It all points out that the World Series champion is set for a spell on the Injured List. Hopefully, it won't be a major ailment, and he'll be back on the mound sooner rather than later.