Surfer Malia Manuel In Bikini Shares 'Glimpse Into Life'

Malia Manuelclose up
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Pro surfer Malia Manuel welcomed her 247,000 Instagram followers to watch a day in her life. The athlete typically shares videos and pictures of herself surfing and promoting sporting brands, and she took it up a notch with her latest post. The comprehensive reel encapsulated her typical daily activities from morning to night, including her eating menu and leisure activities.

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Getting Ready To Start The Day

Manuel's cover photo was a picture of her in a black bikini and stripped coverall shirt. The athlete's simple choice of swimwear accentuated her toned rock-hard abs and slim waist while her curly brown hair weaved in the open sea breeze. She walked along the rocky ocean bank with a can of non-alcoholic beer in her hands.

"Glimpse into life at home. Reminder to fill your cup up: for me that’s moving, being outside and eating/drinking foods that are meant to sustain your longevity so I can keep doing the things I love," she wrote.

A Day In Malia Manuel's Life

Malia Manuel laying on surfboard
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Manuel started her day with a cup of coffee mixed with milk, then moved to the gym in all-black leggings and crop top combo. Her video showed her engaging in leg workouts (a necessary exercise considering her career path). Afterward, Manuel made a green smoothie drink to replenish her energy before going out to surf.

Her lunch was filled with fruits, greens and meat - a balanced diet - and she returned to the gym for more exercises. The athlete ended her fay with a walk along the beach and a full dinner.

Riding A Massive Wave

Malia Manuel surfing
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Manuel wore a black bikini bottom with a skintight 3/4-sleeved top for her surf on the beach. The camera captured her riding down on the wave showing off her toned abs and glutes thanks to the days in the gym working her legs.

Summer Is Here!

Even though Manuel's loves the sun and the beach as an Hawaiian native, the pro surfer warns fans to wear sunscreen especially from the brand she promotes - Sun Bum - and cover up. She demonstrated her advice with a picture of herself wearing a bucket hat over her bright smile and sunscreen on her skin.

Manuel let her curly hair down and turned her scrunchy into a bracelet while she wore a blue bathing suit tucked into white bottoms.

"summer is coming, don’t forget to cover up," she wrote.