'You Will Not Be Disappointed': Olivia Wilde Talks About 'Don’t Worry Darling'

Olivia Wilde looking at camera
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Salma Ahmed

The talk on the streets at the moment is about Olivia Wilde’s upcoming and highly-anticipated movie Don’t Worry Darling.

This is the second movie for Wilde as a director and we can already tell that she, and the cast, will not disappoint us. If you watched Booksmart which marked her debut as a director then you will definitely agree with us!

Another reason that makes us excited is that the crew started working on the movie since 2020 so this is a guarantee that people won’t argue about its quality.

Sharing The Emotions On Instagram

Olivia Wilde on red carpet
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Olivia Wilde has been talking about Don’t Worry Darling for a long time, and we can’t really blame her. If we had a project this big we won’t have stopped mentioning it.

The actress and director took it to her Instagram account, which has 4.1 million followers, to share her excitement about the movie.

In one of the three posts that Wilde recently posted concerning her movie, she uploaded the movie's trailer and wrote, “I'm so proud of this team and can't wait to show you what we made together.”

In another post, she made a promise to the fans saying, “I promise you will not be disappointed by this extraordinary cast and crew.”

We trust you, Olivia!

The Story Behind 'Don’t Worry Darling'

Olivia Wilde smiling at camera
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If you still don’t know what is the movie about exactly, we will help you with that.

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller that revolves around a company called Victory Project and how the residents of a utopian suburb are affected by it.

The residents of the suburb discover ugly truths and hide dark secrets as well. One of these secrets is discovered by a housewife who feels that something dark is happening in her life.

Sounds exciting, right?

What Wilde Had In Mind

Olivia Wilde at ComicCon
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Recently, Olivia Wilde took the stage at CinemaCon, and she shared her ideas about the movie.

Wilde told the crowd that to her the movie is reminiscent of “Inception, The Matrix, Truman Show.” She sees Don’t Worry Darling as her “love letter to the movies that pushed boundaries of ambition.”

She got us even more excited when she kept addressing the crowd and asked them to “imagine a life where you could have anything you ever wanted, not just the tangible things … but also the things that really matter — true love with the perfect partner, real trusted friendships. What would it take for you to give up that perfect life? What are you willing to sacrifice to do what’s right? Are you willing to dismantle the system that is designed to serve you?”

The more we talk about Don’t Worry Darling the more we get excited for it.

The Cast And The Release Date

Harry Styles on red carpet
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Although everyone is talking about Don’t Worry Darling, we won’t assume that you know the cast and that’s what we are here for!

The cast includes the amazing Harry Styles who plays the role of Jack. We are also lucky enough to have Florence Pugh starring with Styles as she plays the role of his wife, Alice.

If you thought that it can’t get better then you are wrong! Don’t Worry Darling will also give us the chance to see Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Sydney Chandler, and Nick Kroll. Can we ask for more?

We can make a guess and say that you can’t wait till Don’t Worry Darling is released, but unfortunately we have some sad news since fans will have to wait till later this year since the movie will be released on September 23rd.

But after everything we know, it's definitely worth the wait!