Where You've Seen The Cast Of 'Bridgerton' Before

Nicola Coughlan with wavy, blonde hair posing for the camera.
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Cha Miñoza

Netflix's Bridgerton has captured the hearts of millions of viewers, largely because of the talented cast who have brought their characters so much life.

Corsets and ball gowns have transported these actors back to the Regency period but behind all the makeup are familiar faces that you may have seen before. If you've caught yourself doing a double-take on the actors, it's most likely because you've already seen them on TV.

Here's where you've seen the cast of Bridgerton before:

Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley wearing a black-and-white outfit at a Netflix event.
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Simone Ashley, who plays the headstrong Kate Sharma in the second season has captivated viewers with her gorgeous face and quick wit.

Before she stole the heart of the Viscount, Simone was on another Netflix show, Sex Education. She joined the show back in 2019 and played the recurring role of the popular, colorfully dressed Olivia Hanan for three seasons.

It was recently confirmed that Simone will not be reprising her role for the fourth season, as she will be busy fulfilling her duty as the new Viscountess.

Adjoah Andoh

Another face that may strike you as familiar is Adjoah Andoh, who plays the role of Lady Danbury.

The veteran actress has extensive experience in theater, TV, and film. She has made appearances in several hit shows including Doctor Who, Law & Order:UK, and The Witcher.

Her film credits include the biographical sports film Invictus and the psychological thriller Fractured.

Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan wearing a pink dress.
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The charming Nicola Coughlan, who shines as Penelope Featherington, started her career in acting when she was only 10 years old, appearing in small roles until she had a big break in the sitcom Derry Girls.

Coughlan plays one of the main characters, Claire Devlin, who goes through life's challenges with friends in the coming-of-age series, which is on its third and final season, as of writing.

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey in a black-and-white suit.
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Before Jonathan Bailey melted hearts as Anthony Bridgerton, he has already impressed many theater lovers. He started his performing career in the Royal Shakespeare Company when he was just seven years old and went on to star in a number of musicals, including Les Miserablés, the Royal National Theater's Othello, and a modern revival of Company, which earned him a Laurence Olivier Award.

On TV, pre-Bridgerton era, he was most known for his role in the British crime drama series Broadchurch. Bailey played journalist Olly Stevens in the first two seasons of the show and was also in other notable British programs including adventure series Leonardo and comedy show Crashing.