CrossFit Athlete Haley Adams' Fitness Routine Explained

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Sarah Haider

CrossFit Athlete Haley Adams earned the title of the "Fittest American Woman 2021" through sheer hard work and commitment.

In order to stay in shape, be healthy, and develop her stamina, she performs a combination of weight training exercises. Before entering a competition, the 20-year-old athlete not only adopts a vigorous workout routine under the supervision of the industry's finest fitness coaches but she also eats very specific food to maximize strength.

She is obsessed with fitness, and as explained by BOXROX, she even undergoes full days of training before an important event.

Continue reading to discover what Haley's fitness regimen looks like.

Super Consistent Strength Cycle

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According to Morning Chalk Up, before participating in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Semifinals in Knoxville last year, Haley dedicated herself to becoming fitter than ever before.

In terms of training, she followed a “super consistent strength cycle” for several months — a decision that returned great results, making her more confident than ever before. As explained by the website, she used to perform "front squat triples for 10 sets".

Speaking of her growth, she told the publication: “Overall everything has gotten better from last year."

Six Hours Of Training

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While it's normal for athletes to spend three to four hours in the gym, the North Carolina native takes her workout very seriously and spends six hours in the gym every day, where she performs some strenuous exercises with her fitness partner at CrossFit Mayhem, Rich Froning.

According to Morning Chalk Up, Haley not only sees Froning, who is a four-time CrossFit Games champion, as her fitness partner but she also considers him a mentor. In each session, the two athletes perform the same workouts.

Rope Climbing

Aside from performing multiple squat snatches — in which she lifts the load overhead while in a full squatted position — Haley also opts for rope-climbing exercises to develop her stamina.

According to an article by Bear Grips, climbing ropes requires an athlete to use their entire bodies and, in turn, it helps them test their strength. It assists athletes in developing their upper body while allowing them to enhance their coordination and agility skills.

Per the website, rope climbing enables an athlete to enhance intramuscular coordination, develop better grip strength, stimulate mental durability, boost stamina, and improve muscular strength, among many other benefits.


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When it comes to fitness, Haley spends most of her time performing endurance training, lifting heavy weights, and performing other exercises in the gym. But apart from that, she is also very fond of running. In fact, she has uploaded several pictures on her Instagram page in which she could be seen running.

According to BOXROX, running is one of the best exercises for CrossFit athletes as it helps them reap multiple benefits, including improved oxygen usage in the muscles, increased mass and volume of the heart, improved ventilation in the lungs, and reduction in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.