CrossFit Athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir's Secrets To A Fit Body

Sara Sigmundsdóttir close up smiling
instagram | Sara Sigmundsdóttir

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Sarah Haider

When it comes to fitness, Icelandic CrossFit athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir never fails to impress her fans. A look at her pictures clearly shows that the three-time CrossFit Opens worldwide winner performs vigorous exercises to stay in shape. That aside, she also eats healthy so as to maintain her athletic body.

The 29-year-old athlete doesn't shy away from sharing her workout and diet plans on her Instagram page on a regular basis, and her 1.8 million followers love her for that.

But that aside, she also follows other rules to stay fit and healthy. Continue reading to find out!

Early Riser

Getting enough sleep and exercising at the right time is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind. And like most athletes and sportspersons, Sara Sigmundsdottir also makes sure to wake up early in the morning to exercise.

According to Women's Health Mag, the Scandinavian weightlifter wakes up at 7:30 in the morning and starts her workout right away and eats her breakfast afterwards.

"I wake up at 7:30 and then train from 8-10am. Then I read over breakfast and then do a five-minute journal", she told the publication. She said that in this way, she can maintain her focus, especially on days when she has a lot on her plate.

She Doesn't Care What Others Think

While it's quite difficult not to be affected by what people say about you, especially if you are a public figure, Sara Sigmundsdóttir has made it one of her goals not to pay heed to what others think.

As a result, she stays focused on her fitness goals as she only does that to please herself.

"How different types of training affect different people is personal. It doesn’t matter what other people think," she told the publication. "What’s important is that you’re honest with yourself about what is best for you to reach your goal."

The athlete also mentioned that one should not fixate on how much time it would take to reach one's goals as it could be months or years.

"Do what works for you," she suggests.

She Loves Her Body

Since Sara breaks a sweat in the gym every day, eats healthy, and takes great care of her overall health, she also makes sure to love and celebrate her body.

In an interview with BOXROX Sara revealed that she started training as a teenager in a bid to lose weight so that she could find herself a boyfriend. But once she got into it, she started becoming more and more comfortable with her body.

“After I started in CrossFit I finally accepted my body,” Sigmundsdottir opened up to the publication. “I saw my body as something more than just what it looked like. What my body looks like is the result of what it is capable of.”

She Learns From Life

The athlete told Women's Health Mag that just like other human beings, she has also faced a lot of ups and downs in life. But instead of allowing her troubles to weigh her down, she embraced them and learned from them.

She said that aside from an injury, she had a breakup after 11 years of a relationship. And to top it all off, her dog was hit by a car. All of these unfortunate events left her very sad and depressed.

"It’s been tough, but I remind myself that everything is teaching me something and it’s like: I’m still going through this in a positive way and I'm learning to enjoy every day instead of thinking ahead," she said, adding that while the events in her life had been very tough, they taught her how to be present.