Zendaya Shares How She Copes With Anxiety

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While many of Hollywood's most renowned faces are regarded as "perfect," there is a slew of celebrities who deal with mental illness daily.

American actress and singer, Zendaya has spoken openly about prioritizing her mental health, stating that she goes to therapy and recommends it to others. 

While there are different mental health conditions, Zendaya struggles explicitly with anxiety. Everyone has different situations that trigger their anxiety. For some, it is making a presentation in class or being put on the spot to perform at a sports practice. However, for Zendaya, it happens whenever she has to sing live in front of an audience.

Continue reading to know when the Primetime Emmy Award actress began experiencing anxiety problems and how she has been holding up. 

It Began At Her First Live Performance 

Zendaya revealed that she has grappled with anxiety since her live performance on Ellen DeGeneres' show in 2013. 

Her mic went out during the show, which was her first live television performance. Because of the not-so-good experience, the Greatest Showman actress said the performance was not her finest. Since then, she has experienced severe anxiety whenever she has to sing live.

"I used to struggle with anxiety pretty bad. It only happened when I sang live, not when I danced or did any other live performances, and it stemmed from a bad experience I had while singing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in 2013.' It wasn't my best performance and I've never let myself live that down. I had mad anxiety ever since that," Zendaya wrote in a post on her website.

Taking A Step Away

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The 25-year-old discovered that stepping away from what caused her anxiety was the key to managing it. She then focused on other things and took a vacation from live performances rather than forcing herself back on stage right away.

As a result, when the Euphoria star returned to live singing, she was less frightened because she had put some distance between herself and the source of her anxiety. 

"I DID figure out how to bury my anxiety, though. I've tried focusing my energy on other things, like making movies," she wrote. 

Zendaya Built Her Confidence Back

Zendaya's decision to take a break from singing was to deliberately build back her confidence so she could overcome her anxiety. And it worked! 

"And I took my time and slowly built my confidence back up before I went back out on stage to sing live. Luckily, when I performed Let Me Love You with Mario on the show Greatest Hits last year, it went really well. It was still a little nerve wracking, but it was cool. Sometimes you just have to take a step back so things stop stressin' you," she wrote. 

Zendaya Recommends Therapy 

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The Spiderman: Homecoming star has revealed many times that she goes for therapy to put her mental health in check.

When asked about having a therapist in an interview with British Vogue, Zendaya answered,

"Yeah, of course I go to therapy. I mean, if anybody is able to possess the financial means to go to therapy, I would recommend they do that. I think it's a beautiful thing." 

With her experience, Zendaya has become an advocate for mental health and wellness. She advises people to speak out about their mental wellness from time to time. The actress's experience will serve as a good example for those struggling with anxiety issues.